/Why You Need to Avoid Permanent Makeup?

Why You Need to Avoid Permanent Makeup?


The trend for getting permanent makeup is increasing every day because of few benefits which cannot be gained with the temporary makeup. The main reason to go for this type of makeup is that it does not have to be removed or reapplied again and again and the women with such makeup can go wherever they want to go without worrying about the lowering illusion of the makeup. However, recently, some astonishing facts have been realized about this kind of makeup and if you are thinking to apply permanent makeup, you must know about them.

Unsatisfactory Results

Thought, it is beginning it really gave astonishing results for many people but now the complaints about their going wrong have greatly increased and there is no guarantee that every woman will have the same results. Therefore, most of the female are not satisfied with the results because of not getting expected results.

Infection & Allergic Reactions

You should also know that permanent makeup can also cause different types of infections and allergic reactions such as inflammation and swelling. It does not end here but it was also reported that few patients were diagnosed with Hepatitis C and AIDS because of the wrongly done makeup procedures and their reactions.

Surgical Risks & Reconstruction Surgery

In case of not reacting positively during the surgery and dyes, the skin can get scarring on it the other most visible facial features can also bet damaged very badly. If someone suffers such unfortunate situation, she has to go again for reconstruction facial surgery to improve skin condition. Thought, the second procedure does not cost you too much, you will have to be really to feel extreme pain.

Risk Involved in Eyeliner

One of the most popular and essential part of permanent makeup is eyeliner which is simple and there may not be any woman who ever get afraid of it. However, it is something which should not be taken too lightly a needle is used during the procedure near eyes which might cause irritation which is not a very big issue. However, improper handling can even damage your eye area.

Fake Skin Look

There is another important thing to know which can give your skin fake and even ugly look in some cases. Your skin has color pigments which are natural and when you apply unnatural color, it might be strong enough to reduce the effects of natural pigmentation. The colors used in normal makeup and permanent makeup may also give diverse effects.

Color Wears Off

Let’s suppose nothing goes wrong after the procedure and everything is done according to your expectation, even than after few years, you might have to go under surgical procedure one more time in case the color wears off your skin. However, you must know that it might cost you even more expensive than it was for the first time. If you still want to get permanent makeup, it is your own choice but it is better for you to reread the above mentioned warning again.