/What is Sunburn & What are Its Degrees?
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What is Sunburn & What are Its Degrees?


The term ‘sunburn’ refers to the red, swollen and painful skin condition which is usually caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This skin condition may occur in both mild and severe forms, but the severity of this condition fully depends upon its degrees. Sunburn is considered to be a very serious sign which can lead to skin cancer; therefore, this problem always needs immediate medical attention.

What are the Degrees?

This skin condition is divided into 3 degrees which are as follows;

First Degree

This is usually considered the most common condition of sunburn which is more apparent in people with fair skin. In this condition, body can be fully dehydrated because of the burns and it is suggested that the lotion should be applied on effected person’s skin as first aid treatment, which is effective for providing relief but that will be a temporary and quick relief, not permanent. This condition might be quite painful and in case of occurrence of blisters, it might get worse.

Second Degree

In the second degree, body might reach to the level where it needs to begin its self protection system. If someone gets affected with this degree, he/she should be immediately moved out of the sunrays.

Third Degree

This is the last in stages of sunburn but first in severity. This is very rare condition and isn’t usually found in many people, but it is quite damaging to the skin. The affected person may experience cracks.

Problems Associated with Sunburn


In the first stage, you normally don’t have to bear pain of blisters as it just burns when you have heat, skin redness or skin tenderness, but you don’t observe blusters. However, in the first degree, your might go suntan or peeling which is usually minor.

If you are someone who is affected with second or third degree, your skin might be observing blisters which makes you feel intense pain even if your skin is not being irritated with physical touch. In this case, you should immediately pay a visit to a doctor for necessary treatment as the blisters occurs in 2nd and 3rd degrees should never be ignored as they might lead you to a quite serious condition.


You might also experience swelling in a sever condition; in order to treat this condition in a better way, you can have cooling bath. You should also use anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. In case your skin has had blisters on it, there might also be sunburn bumps.


Sunburn pain may vary from person to person. Some sufferers might experience minor degree of pain while some experience extreme pain and the most effective way to get rid of pain is to put on sunscreens whenever you go out under the sun. This is really important and you should never forget this application or else you will be suffering from pain which will not even let you sleep well at night.

Sunburn Fever

Another symptom of this skin disease is fever, but this one is quite rare.