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what is segmental vitiligo

What Is Segmental & Non-Segmental Vitiligo – Classification & Treatment


Vitiligo is the condition of skin disorder and different people may experience different symptoms. Some people might get it on limited portion of the skin but others might get it its extended form on a larger area. Many patients are lucky to have its unchanged position that remains the same for a long period. Vitiligo is categorized as segmental and non segmental vitiligo.

What is Segmental Vitiligo?

Segmental vitiligo is not similar to the non segmental vitiligo neither in natural of the disease nor in appearance. Moreover, it needs a different approach for treatment. It usually affects those spots of skin which are connected with dorsal roots of spinal cord. It is much faster in affecting other skin areas if compared to the non segmental vitiligo. SV not an auto immune disorder, since, it is rather easier to be treated.

What is Non Segmental Vitiligo?

Non segmental vitiligo is more common than the other type and it is classified as white patches on various areas of skin.

What is Mixed Vitiligo?

In rare cases, the effected person can have both of the above mentioned conditions at the same time which has to be classified as mixed vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment

UVB Treatment

To treat vitiligo in children, UVB treatment has become very popular these days because of its effectiveness and much safer results to treat non segmental vitiligo. The treatment procedure is carried out with the help of UVB bands or bulb lights.

Topical Corticosteroids

Topical Corticosteroids Treatment method has been developed especially to help the children with vitiligo. This treatment procedure is carried out with topical products such as lotions or creams. These topical applications are applied to areas that are affected with vitiligo. Topical Corticosteroids method has been proven very effective so far to cure segmental vitiligo in children.