/What Is Podiatry And Its Numerous Benefits?

What Is Podiatry And Its Numerous Benefits?


We use our feet almost all the time. They are used while standing, walking, running, driving and for so many other purposes. Therefore, it is but natural that they will give us problems some time or the other during our lifespan.

  • Podiatrists are also called chiropodists and they specialize in assessing as well as diagnosing all types of foot related ailments and problems. These could range from feet that hurt or are deformed or if there is a lot of hard skin or even changes in the color.
  • These are in addition to normal problems one faces such as bunions, spurs or pain in the heel, neuromas, ingrown toe nails, corms, callouses, warts, arthritis as well as orthotics.
  • Podiatrists now make use of modern technology especially for those suffering from diabetes. There are a number of technologies that are utilized like hydro jet technologies which are used for diabetic ulceration of the feet. This helps to increase the rate of healing. Foot scanning is used for those who are liable to get sport injuries as well.

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What is core podiatry all about?

Core podiatry is used to help with skin problems like tinea Pedi’s which is a minor ailment and it extends even to malignant melanoma.  In fact, podiatry helps to prevent a number of skin infections from developing by use of simple drugs as well as by screening of the patients.

  • Those with rheumatoid arthritis and muscular-skeletal disorders suffer from inflammation and structural deformity as well as lesions in the soft tissue. This causes pressure to be exerted on certain areas and results in calluses forming as well as corns and ulcers too.
  • Therefore, podiatry helps them get relief through corrective footwear, simple medication and tips as well as preventive measures and cures where possible.
  • Those people who suffer from diabetes tend to suffer from peripheral arterial diseases. If these are checked in time as well as changes are made to the lifestyle, not only are the number of these instances reduced, but also the quality of life as well as life expectancy get increased and premature deaths can be stopped. This also helps with lesser number of trips for emergency hospitalization services and decreased cases of amputation which are required

Which are the tools used in podiatry?

People with PAD when they visit a podiatrist’s clinic, diagnostic tools are used like ankle brachial pressure index check as well as scanning by Doppler, based on this people with the condition are diagnosed and then they can be referred to vascular surgeons.

  • Podiatrists help with diagnosis as well as treatment of sports or exercise related injuries. They help as these injuries arise due to deformation of joints or the rotation of joints in an abnormal manner or even muscles deformed due to physical activities.
  • Therefore, podiatrists not only advise about stretching but they inform about various strengthening exercises as well as they specify the kind of footwear that should be used.
  • Podopaediatrics is a branch of podiatry which specializes in children’s foot care as well as treatment. It is also used for correction of any sort of foot deformity as well as in improving the foot health of the child.
  • Children with cerebral palsy and with severe mobility problems are also helped with gait improvement, mobility as well as in independence.


Those with juvenile idiopathic arthritis are helped with a reduction in pain and improvement of functional statuses. It helps to improve the locomotor skills of children as well especially those that suffer from gross motor delays. Thus, discover the top expert podiatric care for you now as podiatry helps all kinds of people, from all walks of life not only as a preventive measure but a curative measure where possible or at least as a measure to stall or to retard the growth of their problems.