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What Is Plaque Psoriasis And What You Need To Know About It


There are many people who want to know what is plaque psoriasis? Generally speaking it is one of the common form of psoriasis which can occur in males and females both. According to various medical statistics it has been confirmed that more than eighty percent cases of psoriasis represent the symptoms of plaque psoriasis, which can vary from one person to another depending upon the condition. There are different indications and in most cases it starts with the discreet plaques which are red in color and layers of dead skin cells overlap each other which turn silver in color with the passage of time.

Chronic plaque psoriasis has nearly the same symptoms but the condition of skin starts deteriorating with increased redness and sensation of itchiness. Knees and elbows are the most common parts of the body which become a victim of this skin disease. This type of disease is not easily transferred from one person to another but basically it is inherited from the parents or any other immediate members, who have been suffering from the same symptoms. So it is a big misconception that it can be transferred with any type of physical contact.

Apart from affecting the skin this disease can also affect the emotional life and the feelings of any person who is suffering. A person will stop socializing with friends and family due to the disease and will reluctant in most of the cases. A strange feeling of being treated like a pariah grips the individual and the ultimate feelings is of getting ostracized due to the physical appearance. Plaque psoriasis symptoms can get worse due to this fear factor, which plays with the emotions in a harsh manner.

Now you must be thinking what does plaque psoriasis look like? The condition has been described above which can become different with the passage of time as the lesions might flake off and then look like small and medium size spots of dandruff. This condition of skin can be embarrassing as most of the moisturizers do not help much and one looks forward to the others who are ready or not? To accept them as the way they are. Plaque psoriasis elbow symptoms can be covered with the help of long sleeves or full sleeve shirts.

Treatment for plaque psoriasis will depend on the condition of the individual’s symptoms. Mild cases can be controlled with the help of different ointments and topical creams, whereas the severe plaque psoriasis a proper diet plan and exercise routine will be required to be followed on daily basis. In this case strong medication will be required which might have some type of side effects on the individual basically depending on the medical condition and history. Injections, systematic treatments and phototherapy can help a lot in treating the strong cases.

Plaque psoriasis scalp can be treated with the help of special medical shampoos and oils, which are manufactured for the recovery from this disease. In any type of case an individual needs to visit a doctor and seek the best possible treatment, which will help in eliminating the symptoms, with the passage of time. This might take a few months or one or more year to completely get rid of the indications. Psoriasis vulgaris plaque is a secondary name for the above stated disease which has the same effects and occurs due to the problems of the immune system.

Plaque psoriasis causes cannot be established with the help of all the medical research done till now, but the most common belief is that it is due to the diseases which are immune mediated. In simple words we can say that different problems in immune system can cause unusual growth of the skin cells, which is not normal. This results in different patches of the skin which become silver white, can be inflamed and might appear scaly. Now you know what causes plaque psoriasis and now all you need to do is start a suitable treatment.

Before you know how to treat plaque psoriasis, you need to explore all of the possible treatments, which will have minimum side effects and the results of the treatment will also be satisfactory. There are many medicines and natural treatments for this skin disease, but you need to consult your doctor and with their help choose the best possible treatment. Because it is very important to start a proper treatment, which will also help in addressing the symptoms of the type of psoriasis an individual is suffering from.

There are different types of psoriasis treatments which are discussed below for your information.

Topical Treatment

Topical treatment can be done with the help of different lotions and creams which are used in the mild cases. With the passage of time scales and plaques can become worse and difficult to deal with. Plaque psoriasis treatment can further become complex if it spreads on various body areas, with worsening and developing symptoms. Moisturizing creams and ointments can help in recovering from different effects of dryness and the flaking of skin tissues which overlap each other. Those who have scalp psoriasis can opt for the shampoos and creams, which are helpful in dealing with the dandruff and scalp scaling issues.

There is another popular treatment called as calcineurin inhibitor, which is prescribed by doctors for the treatment and it is no readily available. Due to its high potency and powerful dosage it is recommend taking the medicine according to the quantity and frequency prescribed by the doctor. Coal tar helps in covering the symptoms which are related to inflammation, scaling and itching. This treatment can be quite messy if compared to other treatments and there is also a powerful odor associated with it.

Plaque psoriasis treatments are also based on the intake of few vitamins which can help in improving the overall condition of the skin, moisturizing plays an important role in combating the signs and symptoms of psoriasis. It is important to address the problem and counter it right at its base which will help in getting the best results, which will effective for the time to come and any chances of psoriasis of attacking back will be diminished.

Phototherapy is another effective treatment which is done with the help of measured amount of light which is exposed to the affected area. It is one of the most effective plaque psoriasis cures done with the help of other cream and ointments as well. The light emitted does not damage the internal functioning of the skin and its relative cells, which are responsible for growth and positive skin structure.