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What Is Hormonal Acne?


According to the name hormonal acne is referred to a special type of acne which outbreaks due to irregular hormonal activity. Our hormones play an important role in the different functions of our body. A great change is experienced in the hormonal activities during the stage of puberty. In some cases the hormonal disturbance can carry on till the time of adulthood with different symptoms. Adult hormonal acne is the same case in which one experiences acne problem after the twenties.

You must be thinking what causes hormonal acne? As told above it is caused by the disturbance of hormones when excess of androgen is produced. Androgen is basically a group of hormones which produces sebum in oil glands. Due to excessive production skin pores are blocked and acne breakouts are formed as a result. Hormonal acne treatments which are use normally are discussed below for your benefit.

Anti Androgens

As we have discussed above the role of androgens and you know the excessive production can lead to acne issues. These antiandrogens are used to control the production of androgen in our body and bring it to a normal level. In the initial phases production of androgen is slowed down and in the next phase the production is stopped. For many people anti-androgens can cause a few side effects which include nausea, stomach upset and headache. In women this antibiotic can cause irregular menstrual periods.

Topical Antibiotics

You know that hormonal acne is caused by the hormonal disturbance in our body. The reason of other acne breakouts is quite similar and the symptoms are also somewhat alike. Topical antibiotics work in a unique way as they help in killing all those bacterial germs, which are responsible for producing acne. As a result the clogged pores start opening and the production of acne is slowed down. After a complete course of the medicine acne will eventually go away and your skin will look flawless. Clindamycin is a commonly used topical antibiotic for the treatment of acne. Topical lotions can also be applied on the affected areas to remove the acne and make your skin clear.

Oral Antibiotics

Oral antibiotics help in reducing inflammation and help in opening the skin pores. Erythromycin and tetracycline are commonly used antibiotics for acne. You need to remember that oral and topical antibiotics do not disturb or attend the hormonal activities taking place in our body. Side effects include dryness, stomach upset and irritation on the skin.


According to the name these drugs help in reducing the inflammation which is caused by acne. Possible side effects can include loss in bone mass and weight gain. You can use this drug in combination with other types of antibiotics as the function of each and every drug is different from the others. But on the same you need to consult your doctor or skin specialist about the type of medicines you should take for your acne breakout. You can not do experiments on yourself and cause further complications.

Exercise & Stress Management

For treating hormonal acne in a natural way you need to exercise and change your daily routine. Your hormonal balance will improve and toxins will be washed and the pores will remain active. In the same manner you need to control the stress issues as it leads to hormonal disturbance within your body.