/What is 3rd Degree Sunburn? Types & Treatments

What is 3rd Degree Sunburn? Types & Treatments


In this article, the 3rd degree sunburn will be discussed which will let you know the better way to treat this type and the way to eradicate the complication which makes it even more difficult to get rid of this problem.
The third degree sunburn is considered to be the worst kind as it badly damages all the skin layers including the outer layer which is called epidermis, the middle layer which is called dermis and the fat layer. Because of destruction of all the three layers, the nerves, sweat glands and hair follicles which are found in skin might also get totally damaged.

How Severe Your Burns Are?

Well, this is actually a matter of the size of the affected area. Usually, the physician explains that the severity of sunburned is diagnosed and decided with the help of the depth and size of the affected area. If someone is suffering from 1st degree burn which has affected a larger body area, this condition is considered serious and in case of 3rd degree which is considered the worst sunburn, if 1% skin area gets affected, the condition is declared as severe.

Third Degree Complication

If the patient does not feel any pain or other symptoms, he might still be unaware of the severity of his disease. This makes the situation more complicated and dangerous as the small areas can turn into large and severe any time without letting you know about it.

The Problems Associated with Third Degree

Due to the occurrence of 3rd degree, the sufferer may experience the dehydration which is because of lacking of fluid in the skin. The muscles tissues might be badly damaged that may result into huge amount of running myoglobin in the blood stream and the kidneys may also be effected with it. Further, it may cause the production of eschars which causes blockage to the supply of blood to the healthy tissues while the patient also experiences severe sunburn blisters.