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What Causes Vitiligo – 7 Major Causes Of Vitiligo


Vitiligo is one of the most common skin diseases, which usually occurs when melanin cells begin to diminish from the skin. The number of people get affected with Vitiligo in various regions of the world are in millions. The most common symptoms of Vitiligo are patches and white spots on surface of the skin. The other symptoms include gray hair and sometimes loss of vision too.

Major causes of Vitiligo


The condition that eventually leads to the development of Vitiligo is depigmentation which is considered one of the major vitiligo causes and indicates to the loss of melanin cells from the skin. These cells are found in white, black and yellow colors.


Heredity is a nature process in which good or bad traits transfer to the next generation. It is another major cause of Vitiligo and about 15% of the vitiligo sufferers inherited the symptoms from their parents or ancestors.

Immune System

Human body has a structured immune system which functions to safeguard the body from the attacks of various types of infections and germs. However, if this system does not work in its natural order and breaks its limits, it irritates the skin which leads to the development of the vitiligo.

Exposure to the Sun

Exposure to the sun also causes vitiligo as the extreme exposure sucks all the natural moisturizer from the surface of the skin.

Wrong Dietary Habits

Nowadays people are too busy in their lives and most of them don’t care about the importance of nutrients in their diet and this lack of necessary nutrients from the skin leads to the dryness of the skin and vitiligo.


The researches show that the unnecessary use of anti biotic causes vitiligo. There are so many people who are addicted to the anti biotic and this insane action cost them the loss of melanin cells from the skin.

Use of Beauty Care Chemical Products

Most of the people especially the women use the beauty care chemical products on regular basis which sometimes create so many skin related problems including Vitiligo. The local markets are full of skin care products and most of them are prepared by using various chemicals that are extremely harmful for your skin. It has been observed that the extreme use of topical products leads to the development of vitiligo symptoms.


There might be some other factors that are involved in development of Vitiligo but the above mentioned are the major causes. Thought, Vitiligo cannot be eliminated completely in most of the cases, its suffering can be minimized with the help of natural treatment methods. However, to overcome this miserable condition, you must first understand what actually causes Vitiligo and then treat it accordingly.