/What Causes Oily Skin?
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What Causes Oily Skin?


‘What causes oily skin?’ is probably the most asked question about skin health. If you are one of those who are suffering from the issue of oily skin, you would surely like to know what to do get rid of this problem. However, the first and most important thing is to find out what might be possible the oily skin causes.

Hormone Level

A hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a major cause that often triggers the sebaceous glands and let the production of more sebum in skin. This problem usually occurs during the puberty period in the lives of boys and girls. The DHT is also triggered during the menstrual cycle and the skin becomes much more oiler before menstruation begins.

Cosmetic Products

What causes oily skin on face? The skin care products available in local stores cause oiliness on the facial skin. This is no more a hidden secret that most of such products contain extremely harsh chemicals which can cause oil, dryness, irritation and many other issues to the skin.

Therefore, you must avoid such cosmetic products especially those which contain alcohols and fragrances. These can be very irritating for your skin. It is also believed that the mineral oil are also harmful for the skin as they clogs skin pores and causes acne scars.

Hot Weather

You might have heard that the cold weather most often causes dryness. Contrary to this, the hot weather often causes extra oil to the skin. This might be a little surprising for you, but the sebaceous glands become more active in hot weather and produce more sebum.

Foods that Cause Oily Skin

  • The causes of oily skin also include dieting habits. Someone whose diet is high in fats and oils is often more prone to sebum production. If you like junk foods and love to go out for eating pizzas, French fries, burgers, fried foods etc, it is really difficult for you to save your skin from getting oily.
  • Some fitness experts don’t believe that the dietary changes can cure oily skin and its complications but surely emphasizing some certain types of foods in your diet, might greatly help you improve complexion to a much great extent. There are few food items which should be avoided.
  • The milk which is the basic requirement for nourishing a child but this amazing source of getting calcium often leaves harmful effects on skin especially in young age. You should also avoid fatty meats such as lamb, beef and sausage. These meats are rick in saturated fat which is clearly liked with inflammation, obesity and heart diseases.

Does Oily Skin Cause Acne?

This is really a good question. The skin specialists believe that in most of the cases oily skin and acne occur together. Acne is not actually a problem in young age as in this age, the oil glands don’t get activated. The oil or the sebum found in skin can be a contributor to acne in some cases but there are the patients with dry skin yet they have acne.