/What Causes Dry Skin On Breast?

What Causes Dry Skin On Breast?


There might be various reasons for the dry skin on breast or around the nipples and this is really important to have proper diagnoses of the problem before choosing any treatment method for the symptoms. Here in this article, you will read about some of the very common causes of dry skin on breasts which will surely help you understand and choose the right treatment for you.

Major Causes of Dry Skin on Breasts

  • Breast Cancer

The most terrifying cause of breast dryness might be the breast cancer which has become very common in women. However, just the dryness of skin does not point towards breast cancer as it comes with other symptoms as well such as itchiness, dimple, fluid leakage and the most common symptoms of breast cancer is a lump which can be felt in the breast. If you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms along with dryness, you must visit a good physician for a proper diagnosis and timely treatment.

  • Psoriasis

Another possible cause of dry skin breast might be psoriasis which is caused by dry and rough skin cells. In case of psoriasis, the rough skin cells are developed very quickly and one or more body areas may have scaling appearance on it. If you have psoriasis, you may also observe the other symptoms such as burning, itchiness or soreness. If you observe none of these symptoms, there is nothing to worry about. Just the dryness under breasts can be treated easily.

  • Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a skin condition in which the level of thyroid hormones gets too low which leads to the reduction of oil and sweat glands activities and in the results the affected woman has dryness of the skin.

Other Causes of Dry Skin on Breasts

  • Exposure to Sun

Dry skin under breast may also be caused by exposure to the sun especially those female who love to take sunbathing without the top.

  • Dry Weather

Dry weather is a major contributor towards dry breast skin especially in the areas where the climate often remains dry and hot, the women may have dry skin problem not just around the breast but all over the skin.

  • Beauty Soaps

Beauty soap has become an article which is used every day and the majority of women like to have bath with beauty soap. Most of these soaps contain articles fragrances and harsh chemicals which later cause dryness and itchy to the breast skin.

Treatment for Dry Skin on Breast

The above mentioned are some of the most common causes of patch of dry skin on breast and the treatment can only be chosen after a proper diagnoses of the actual problem. However, if you don’t have the kind of severe symptoms such as lump in the breast or leakage of liquid, you can give a try to simple method of moisturizing your skin and breasts for 3-4 times throughout the day. If your problem is just because of the environmental changes, dry weather, sunburn or harsh soaps, you will soon get relieved from this problem. You will also need to make a few necessary changes in your daily life styles. You should no more wear the fabrics that may cause itchy and should not use the soaps that contains chemical or artificial fragrances. You can also use humidifier in your rooms to get rid of dry air.