/What are the Causes of Red Face?
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What are the Causes of Red Face?


It is quite common and normal to have red face but sometimes it really becomes a hurdle in your way to become more socialized. Therefore, it is really important to understand what could be red face causes and how to keep them under control.

Sometimes, a psychological problem such as stress, anxiety or other related factors can contribute towards the development of this issue. An underlying health issue such as rosacea can also be one of the causes. In such conditions, you surely need to get proper medical attention to improve your facial area.

What Causes Red Face in Most of the Cases?

This is really important to learn what actually causes red face and it is in fact, the first step to control the overall situation. If your red face is because of the social anxiety, you must try to learn the techniques to relax your mind and body. Secondly, you should also go for the medicines, meditation and behavioral cognitive therapy techniques.

In some cases, the sufferer feels that he has no control over his mind and finds himself to be unable to control the situation. If this happens to you, use your mental power to eliminate the fear of your mind and reduce the level of anxiety. Here are some very common causes of red face.

1) Erythrophobia

This is basically a term used to point out blushing fear and those who are often afraid of blushing in front of the people might be hunted by fear phobia. Thought, this is not a very huge problem but most of the people who have the fear of blushing often avoid the social gatherings and such other situations which practically cut them out of the social life.

2) Rosacea

Rosacea is another factor what causes a red face. It is a medical condition and causes to turn a person’s face red and various other problems. The actual causes of rosacea are not known very clearly but most of the researchers and skin specialists believe that it might be the results of hereditary as well as environmental factors. Rosacea skin condition is stubborn and can last for years.

3) Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions might also be hot red face causes. However, it can be a little difficult to determine allergies. Sometimes, the skincare hypo-allergenic products might become the main factor behind the allergic reactions. In case of allergic reaction, suffer usually feels itching as well.

Does High Blood Pressure Cause Red Face?

If you often get flushed, red faced, you might wonder if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Well, there could be dozens of causes for your red faces but high blood pressure is not found on that list. However, it doesn’t mean when you have high blood pressure, you will not have red face.


The above are some of the major causes of red face if your condition does not fit into the above situations, there might be some other cause. However, this situation must be suppressed or else this may lead your life towards various physical, psychosocial and social complications.