/An Overview Of Warts & Skin Tags
skin tags and warts

An Overview Of Warts & Skin Tags


What is Wart?

When skin grows locally on one’s body, it is called warts. Warts are not painful. These are small bumps of white or red color clusters. Warts have different sizes and they can affect any part of one’s body.

What is Skin Tag?

When someone’s skin starts to grow and hangs with the skin, it is called skin tags. Skin tags are of a person’s skin color or little bit darker shade. Its scientific name is Acrochordon. Commonly effected parts of body are the eyelids, groin area and neck, but they can affect any part of the body.


  • When two areas of skin touch and rub each other, skin tags may be developed.
  • Usage of illegal steroids can be the cause of warts by taking some medicine.
  • During pregnancy some females get skin tags due to hormonal changes in their body.
  • Insulin and diabetes are also the cause of skin tags.
  • Human Papilloma Virus is the main cause of warts.
  • Sharing used things of wart’s patient spread warts to others.
  • Warts spread to other people’s parts of the body by touching effected area of the sufferer.

Symptoms (Warts)

  • Warts have different shapes and sizes. It is the growth of skin having rough or flat surface. You will see dark dots in the warts; these are tinny blood veins to supply blood to warts.
  • Women suffering from genital warts can experience a vaginal discharge with greater amounts and feeling itching.

Symptoms (Skin Tags)

Skin tags have skin color or some darker shade of patient’s skin. They are smooth and appear in different sizes; in some cases, they have wrinkles on them. Usually the patient does not feel pain in skin tags but they may bleed if torn.


  • To diagnose skin tags and warts, laboratory tests or other diagnostic studies are not needed but a doctor can recommend some pathologist for microscopic diagnosis.
  • To diagnose warts, notice the location of warts growth as warts are found on hands and feet
  • Evaluate your pain. The friction can irritate the growth and cause pain if the wart has grown in an area that you use or rub against a lot.
  • Check your children because warts is not painful that’s why children can’t mention them.

Problems caused by warts and skin tags

Skin tags and warts don’t disturb person’s daily life but they look so ugly and person feels less confident and depressive and sees signs of inferiority when comparing him/her to others.


Both medicine and surgical treatments are used to give relief to patient from warts and skin tags. Medicines contain either nitrogen or salicylic acid is used and for Treatment of skin tags is only surgery to remove it from the body.


After contacting with HPV, development period of skin tags and warts is started but it is very slow and that’s why it is very difficult to diagnose them at very early stage. Thought, it is not difficult to get rid of warts and skin tags, a timely diagnoses and proper treatment is needed.