/Vitiligo Makeup – The Quick & Smart Way To Cover Vitiligo
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Vitiligo Makeup – The Quick & Smart Way To Cover Vitiligo


The autoimmune disorder ruins the pigmentation cells and cause patches on different parts of your body especially the ones which are most exposed to the sun. When people look at you, the first thing they notice is the beauty of your skin which becomes dry and dull if you have vitiligo. However, you can give it a fabulous look with the best vitiligo makeup and you can hide the white patches on your skin with the help of exclusive makeup for vitiligo. You can makeup to cover vitiligo but for this purpose, you really need to choose the right cosmetics.

How to Choose the Best Vitiligo Cover Makeup?

There are a number of products available for this purpose including oil-based, water-based and mineral makeup which can work perfectly to cover the imperfect areas of your skin. Choose the waterproof makeup for vitiligo as it lasts for a much longer period than the normal ones. If your have the symptoms of vitiligo on a certain body part, choose the one from the list of make up for vitiligo that has been especially designed for that certain part. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the shade of your makeup articles must match with the color of your skin.

Oil Free Foundation

To follow a proper vitiligo permanent makeup plan, the first thing you have to do is to wear an oil free foundation along with sunscreen which will protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultra valet rays. This will help you safer your skin from sun burn and will also help your makeup last longer. You can apply an SPF 20 before covering makeup.

Cover Up Makeup for Vitiligo

The second thing you have to do is to use full cover up makeup for vitiligo for hiding white patches. Depigmented areas of your skin should be tabbed with a makeup sponge or if it’s not available, you can use your fingers too. Try to mix the edges of your depigmented areas with other areas of your skin. The amount of pigment is usually higher in especially designed camouflage makeup for vitiligo. Since, the first layer you apply on your skin, it should be thinner. Once you have done with vitiligo make up, let it adjust for a few minutes. If you feel necessary, apply another layer but if not necessary, just let it go.

Setting Powder

Setting powder makes sure that your makeup does not get smudged. It also enhances wearability and it is better to use transparent and fragrance free setting powder. After you have done with your Permanent makeup for vitiligo, you can apply setting powder on your skin. Choose some good setting powder and apply sufficient but necessary amount on powder on your skin with a brush or puff. Once done, leave it to adjust for a few minutes then remove excessive amount.


You can make people feel your presence with the help of best makeup for vitiligo. If your skin does not look balanced from different angles, you can balance it by applying permanent makeup vitiligo.