/Vitiligo in Children – Prevention and Treatment
segmental vitiligo in children

Vitiligo in Children – Prevention and Treatment


Vitiligo, also known as Leucoderma, is a skin disorder which has become very common in children. The research shows that a large number of children get affected with depigmentary skin disorder before the age of seven. Because of carelessness from parents’ part the condition becomes worse in many children. The vitiligo in children might be the reaction of minor physical injuries which are usually ignored but sometime cause to bring a change in the color of the skin. Another reason might be unhealthy dieting habits which includes junk and fast foods.

Segmental Vitiligo in Children

The white patches of vitiligo in children usually appear in minor form but may gradually spread out the entire body. The vitiligo can be categorized as;

Segmental Vitiligo

The major victims of the segmental vitiligo are children. This condition affects a certain body part and remains limited to a certain area rather than spreading out to the other body areas.

Non-segmental Vitiligo

This is the most common category of vitiligo skin disorder which affects all age groups.

Vitiligo in Children – Precautions

If the parents or ancestors suffered from autoimmune condition sometime in their lives, the children must be given proper medication and treatment to prevent this condition to occur. If the parents notice that their child is having white spot on his/her skin, he must be taken to the skin specialist for diagnosis. If the child needs body detoxification, the best way is the natural remedies.

Vitiligo in Children Prevention and Treatment

The major factor that is involved in development of vitiligo in children is the eating habits. There are some certain rules that can prevent this problem if followed strictly and in this regard parents have a great role to play as they can abide their children by these rules. Here is a vitiligo in children diet plan which will surely help them fight against vitiligo and its symptoms.

  • Vitiligo children must stay away from the junk foods, processed and spicy foods.
  • They should never eat non veggie and dairy products at the same time.
  • They should never have cold and hot food items at the same time.
  • Make the milk part of your regular diet plan as it contains calcium and vitamins in high amount.
  • Another great source of calcium and vitamins is egg which should be used keeping in mind the circumstances.
  • Leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits should be the part of regular diet.

Vitiligo in Children Treatment

When it is about the vitiligo in children treatment, keep in mind that there are various treatment methods available but not all these methods will be effective for your child. Therefore, in case of vitiligo symptoms, you must take your child to a skin specialist for proper medication.

Topical Corticosteroids

One of the most effective and most common therapies to treat segmental vitiligo is topical corticosteroids method which can be either in from of lotions or creams.

UVB treatment

Another effective and common therapy to treat vitiligo is UVB treatment which has become so popular in recent times because of its effectiveness and almost zero side effects. Those little sufferers who have found white patches on their face, neck, hands and feet, can be given UVB Treatment.