/Vitiligo Frequently Asked Questions
Vitiligo Frequently Asked Questions

Vitiligo Frequently Asked Questions


What is vitiligo disease?

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which skin starts lacking pigmentation on small or large skin areas. It usually happens when the skin cells, known as melanocytes, get damaged because of immune or genetic disorders.

Is vitiligo curable?

Well! Yes, it is curable as so many curing programs have been developed which are used widely all around the world but it does not mean that every program has the ability to eliminate vitiligo completely.

Is vitiligo contagious?

The scientists are still conducting researches to find out the actual causes of vitiligo but the present researches show that Vitiligo is not contagious skin disease.

Can vitiligo be cured?

Yes, it can be cured. Gone are the days when vitiligo was considered to be an incurable disease and people had to live along with all the sufferings. Many surgical & medical therapies have been developed to tackle with this problem very effectively.

Can vitiligo go away?

The factual based answer should be: yes, vitiligo can go away. Thought, the researchers are still making efforts to find a permanent solution for this skin problem, the available treatments are also very effective and useful to minimize the white patches.

Can white people get vitiligo?

Yes, they can also get vitiligo as it is not about skin color but it is all about pigmentation. However, the white patches are more apparent on darker skin.

Can vitiligo spread?

Off course, it can spread but as far as the way of spreading is concerned, it is more difficult to be answered as vitiligo may vary from one person to another person. In some cases, it may spread within a few months and in few cases it may stay the same for years.

Can vitiligo be stopped?

Yes, it can be stopped. Thought, it is a long process and the patient has to wait for months or sometimes years to see the results but it really works especially when vitiligo is treated with natural remedies.

Can you tattoo over vitiligo?

To hide the white patches people also use cosmetic camouflage and the tattoo might be a kind of cosmetic camouflage to hide vitiligo signs. But before having a tattoo over vitiligo, it must be ensured that you don’t have some other similar skin disease.

Can vitiligo be treated?

Yes, it can be treated through both surgical and natural homemade remedies and both methods are effective. When it is about cost and chances of side effects, surely the natural remedies are better to be chosen.

Can vitiligo disappear?

Yes, you can make it disappear by using the right treatment method. There are a number of so called programs and products available online with high claims but only the right product can make your vitiligo disappear.

Is there any cure for vitiligo?

Surgical therapies can help people in getting rid of vitiligo. Topical creams and ointments are also available for this purpose which can be directly applied to the skin. But remember vitiligo is autoimmune disease and it must be treated from inside as well as outside.

Is vitiligo hereditary?

Yes, it can be hereditary as it has been observed in some cases that the parents who have vitiligo, one or more of their children also have the same condition.

Does vitiligo spread?

Yes, it does spread but how quickly it spreads, it is difficult to be answered as it may have variations from person to person. Someone may experience quick spreading all over the body and the other may observe no changes at all for years.

Does vitiligo itch?

If the skin get depigmented, it may cause itching sometimes especially to the areas which are usually more exposed to the sun such as face, lips, arms, feet and hands.

What does vitiligo look like?

Vitiligo looks like the combination of dark and white skin as the white patches appears on different skin areas especially to those which are exposed.

How fast does vitiligo spread?

Vitiligo occurs on various body parts and there is no guarantee that it will stick with some certain body areas. They may spread all over the body and the spreading process might be too fast in some cases but it cannot be predicted that how fast it could be.

Does vitiligo always spread?

It does not always spread. A timely treatment can stop it spreading to the other skin spots.

Does vitiligo go away?

There are very rare cases in which it was observed that vitiligo went away itself. In most of the cases, it needs proper treatment to make it go away.

Does vitiligo ever go away?

Yes, it can itself go away but there are very little chances. It requires some useful and effective treatment methods to be completely disappeared.

How does vitiligo spread?

It is still not known how vitiligo spreads, but the researches say that it may usually spread in 2 directions i.e. 1) it remains to some certain areas, 2) and it may spread to the other areas as well.