/Use Sandalwood & Aloe Vera to get Quick Sunburn Peeling, Itching & Pain Relief

Use Sandalwood & Aloe Vera to get Quick Sunburn Peeling, Itching & Pain Relief


Sunburn is a condition which is developed on skin because of overexposure to the sunlight, UV light and tanning lamps. It might be a form of change in the color of skin, darkening, discoloration, chapping, and blistering. Your skin may be burned after a few hours of getting sunburned.

Who is more prone to get sunburned?

The answer to it is that some people get affected with it easily if compared to the others such as those who have fair or white color of skin are at a greater danger to develop this skin condition. Moreover, those who often go to beaches, especially to nude beaches may also get sunburned easily and frequently. Some people want to get tan color of their skin and they often take sunbathe which put them at the risk.

In most of the cases people get 1st degree that usually brings mild symptoms and some of them are eliminated within a few days with no treatment at all, but the others might need proper treatment. You can use sunburn peeling remedies to get rid of the mild problems. Remember that this skin condition can also increase the risk of skin cancer; therefore, it is very important to protect your skin from UV rays.

In this article, you will learn 2 home remedies which will help you get relief in a quick time if you are having a mild condition.

1) Sandalwood

Sandalwood is one of the fragrant woods and it is quite heavy and yellow in color. It is famous because of its amazing ability to keep its fragrance for many decades. Natural oils are also extracted from this amazing tree to be used for a number of ailments. Like the wood, the oil also has the same ability to keep its fragrance maintained for many years. Its cooling properties made it very popular centuries ago and it is still being used to treat a number of health problems. Moreover, it is also used as herbal sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful effects of UV Rays. The paste which is produced from sandalwood leaves is applied directly on the skin. The paste normally feels so thick and causes stretches to the skin. Therefore, you can use some water to reduce its thickness. The use of sandalwood is one of the simple and quick sunburn remedies.

2) Aloe Vera

One of the best ways to avoid being burnt is the use of aloe vera which has been used for centuries to treat so many health issues including sunburn. Because of its anti inflammatory properties, it is known as herbal medicine which not only cools the burning sensation but also helps eliminating bacterial infections. Aloe vera is one of the best sunburn redness remedies which keep your skin fully moisturized and soft by hydrating your body.

You can also get a number of skin products that contains aloe vera to improve beauty and charm of your skin. However, some of these products may also contain alcohol rather than aloe vera which will surely be quite harmful for your skin. Therefore, you should be very careful while buying aloe vera based gels and creams. Often people ask: Can I leave aloe vera on my face overnight? Well, read the piece out yourself.

Sandalwood and aloe vera are the best remedies and you must try one or both of them to get rid of your problems.