/Use 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh As Long As You Want

Use 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh As Long As You Want


If you want to keep your makeup fresh for long, you can use these simple ways to achieve great results. Most of the women have to face this problem when their makeup does not stay fresh longer. However, if they learn and follow these simple tips, they can completely get rid of this problem.

1) Keep Your Makeup Tidy & Clean

It is really important to keep your cosmetic items clean and tidy and if you don’t care about it, your makeup bag or box will become a messy place where you have broken packages or torn reapers. If you don’t store them at an appropriate place where they can stay safe longer, it will create doubts for the expiry of the items.

2) Your Bathroom is Not the Right Place for Your Makeup

It is a very common habit and most of the women keep their makeup articles into the bathroom which is really a bad idea as bathroom is not bacteria free. If you know that your bathroom is a residential place for bacteria, moisture, heat and steam, you will surely avoid storing your cosmetics in the bathroom.

3) Wash Hands or Use Plastic Applicator

Many people have the habit to twig finger into the jar to pick up a bit of cream, lotion, moisturizer or anything else. If you are one of those ladies, you must get rid of this bad habits or else it may cause production of bacteria on your skin because it is never safe to stick finger in something which is to be applied on facial areas. However, using plastic applicator can save you from the harmful bacteria.

4) Better Not to Share Makeup with Others

It sounds a little bit rude when you don’t allow your sister, mother or friend to use your makeup box. Remember this is not just about your skin but sharing something which you use on your skin might also cause bacteria for the others who use it. Therefore, you should never feel hesitated to deny if someone else ask for your makeup articles.

5) Use of Refrigerator

A great way to keep your makeup fresh for long is to refrigerate them such as facial creams, liquid foundation, mascara, eyeliners, and lipsticks etc can be kept in refrigerator to keep them fresh for quite longer period. You can do it throughout the year especially in summer.

6) Depot Products

Another great way to keep your makeup fresh is to deport them even with broken packaging. You can use half of the package while the other half can be kept in depot. There are various products but some of them go bad early and it is better to split them in two halves so one half can be cooled while still sealed and packed.

Final Words

Follow these 6 tips and enjoy freshness of your makeup articles as long as you want. It will not just save your money but also provide you much better results when you use naturally fresh items on your skin.