/Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment

Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment


The Pacific Beach Health Center has organized a drug recovery center where drug addiction is treated and any drug treatment is provided to the population. The PBH employs qualified specialists: professional psychiatrists, narcologists, competent psychologists and psychotherapists with extensive experience, social workers, and a teenage narcologist.

They help people who once became addicted to drugs, treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction today is the most serious and responsible business since drug addiction doctors not only provide treatment for drug addiction but also save a person’s life.

International experience says that a complex of medical, psychological, educational and social measures for drug addiction not started gives a more positive result in terms of life change than imprisonment. Prison by itself cannot free a person from drug addiction; often a person is released, embittered, socially maladjusted, with a craving for drugs no less than it was.

Medical relief of alcohol and drug withdrawal.

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction syndrome with emotional stress therapy. Supportive treatment of drug addiction and prevention of relapses drug treatment with the use of hypnotherapy, with the use of psychotherapy.

Types of social and psychological assistance for drug addiction

Psychological assistance to the relatives of the patient who applied.

Family relations counseling.

Therapeutic support groups for patient’s relatives.

Providing public assistance to drug addicts and solving problems related to work, the law, the immediate environment.

In order to improve the efficiency of work on social rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment. The rehabilitation center provides clients with general medical services, counseling and diagnostics of HIV, hepatitis, STIs, tuberculosis, psychological and social assistance. They are assisted in restoring documents, obtaining legal advice. The CSC conducted a search for humanitarian aid to the families of patients and the organization of assistance and leisure for their children.

A self-help group for patients who need treatment for their addiction to drugs a substitution therapy program, on the basis of which a public association of patients, Vector of Life was established to support the substitution therapy program and help drug addicts in solving a number of their problems.

Anonymous addiction treatment

Most people who have encountered drug addiction can receive drug addiction treatment anonymously. Drug addiction treatment is not an easy task, and not everyone can admit to themselves that they have such a big problem and even more so to the people around them. Therefore, you can sign up for anonymous drug addiction treatment which guarantees complete confidentiality.