/Examination, Preventive Measures & Treatment for Sunburn Itch & Pain

Examination, Preventive Measures & Treatment for Sunburn Itch & Pain


There are effective treatments for sunburn itch and pain which can give you great relief. The researchers believe that the effects of extreme exposure to the sun may take place in less than fifteen minutes in most of the cases, but the symptoms may appear in 4-5 hours. The intensity of sunrays is too high in middle of the day and this is the period in which you must cover your body and protect it from getting direct exposure to the sun rays. Those who go under the sun without wearing protective sunscreen, sun blockers and sunglasses are more prone to get effected with UV Rays.

Ways of Treating Sunburn

There are a number of ways in which you can get sunburn itch relief. The treatment may include the use of topical products such as creams or lotions, natural herbs such as aloe vera, kitchen items such as tea bags, yogurt, etc. but the simplest of all is the placement of wet and cold towel on the effected burned skin areas.

Examination of Symptoms

The treatment requires proper examination of the signs and symptoms. The most common symptom is the burning sensation, feeling of itch, dehydration, tightening of skin tissues, rashes, blisters and pain. Burning and itching are not as severe as blistering and pain and if you are having any two of them, you are suffering from really bad sunburn.

Preventive Measures

  • The best and most effective preventive measure to avoid getting sunburned is the use of SPF which is available in various ranges. SPF 15 is usually recommended to those who don’t have to spend lots of time under sun and have low risk to get sunburn skin peeling. The SPF 30 or 50 are recommended to those who face extreme exposure on regular basis and are more prone to get affected by UV Rays.
  • The second important thing to implement is the change in your clothing. For example, if you usually wear tight and fit clothes, you should wear loose ones so your skin does not get friction with fitting clothes.

Cures for Sunburn

The best remedy is taking care of your skin before it gets damaged with ultraviolet rays. If you are the one who usually feels burning sensation on your exposed skin areas such as your nose, lips or neck, you must take extra care by drinking lots of fluids including pure and clean water, soft drinks, fruits and vegetable juices. Use moisturizing lotions and creams on regular basis to keep your skin fully moisturized to avoid dryness of skin.

Get some sunburn treatment product which contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, emu oil and jojoba oil that may give relief and soothing effects to your skin. Emu oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory agents and Jojoba is rich in moisturizing properties. Both of these natural ingredients help in healing damaged skin tissues.