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Top 9 Tips to Beautify Dry Lips


If you have dry lips, it might be quite annoying for you sometimes especially during the winter season when you have to keep lip balms in your hands to moist lips. Here in this article, you will find some of the great tips which will help you keep your dry lips moisturized and beautiful.

1) Applying Lip Balms

Lip balms have become very important for the women with dry lips and they actually provide great protection from the harmful rays of sun when you go out during the day. Always apply a thin coat of balm on your lips especially when you are out in the sun.

2) Buying Right Balm

You can find a large variety of lip balms but off course not all of them are appropriate for you and therefore, you should chose that one what can give your lips soothing effects. If you buy the one rich in peppermint, it can relieve from chapping of lips.

3) Staying Indoors

If you are told to stay indoors, this will be quite difficult for you as you have to do a lot of things outside and sometimes, you must go out. However, you can try to stay indoor as much as possible for you to avoid getting exposed with everything that can aggravate the dryness of lips.

4) Avoiding Lip Irritators

Every day you use different things and some might be one of the causes of irritation to your skin such as the use of toothpaste. Your toothpaste might contain ingredients which can cause irritation and dryness to your lips. Now the problem is that brushing is something you can’t avoid but you can be more careful.

5) Avoiding Mouth Breathing

Some women are habitual of mouth breathing which is not at all a good idea as it may bring excessive moisture on your lips but this will be dried out too fast. Your nose is the best way to breathe in and out which works as a filter and does not let the impurities infiltrate into lungs.

6) Licking Lips

Licking lips is a very common habit and a large number of women do this but they must know that this is never a good idea to keep their lips moist as the moist does not stay longer on your lips and soon, they get even drier. Those women who habitually lick their lips, might also cause bleeding.

7) Taking Water Intake

The best way to get rid of dry lips is to increase the intake of water in routine life. Water helps in keeping the entire skin moist along with the lips. The benefits of water are unlimited.

8) Taking Multi Vitamins

While you are increasing water intake, you should also have a look at the multi vitamins you are taking or you need to take. Multi vitamins are helpful not just keeping the lips moist but they work for entire body.

9) Exfoliation of Lips

You might be a little surprised that how it is possible to exfoliate lips. Well, yes, it is possible and you need to have scrubbing of lips to exfoliate them and this greatly helps to shed off the dead skin cells.