/Top 6Tips for the Babies with Dry Skin
a Baby with dry skin

Top 6Tips for the Babies with Dry Skin


Dry skin is a very common problem in adults and the same problem might also be found in babies. If you look at the reality, you will find that the babies are actually more prone to get dry skin and therefore, they must also be taken care as much as possible. Here in this article, you will find some very effective tips to help your babies look beautiful.

1) Bath Time For Babies

Most of the mothers let their babies play in water during the bath and sometimes, the time for the bath increases from 10 to 40 or more minutes which is not good for them. You should keep in mind that taking bath more than the cleaning makes it a game for those innocent souls but the game extract the natural oil for their skin which makes them feel and look dry. Therefore, you should not let them splash in a bath tub for more than 10 minutes.

2) Bubble Baths

Kids love having bubble baths and if you don’t take them out, they can play bubble throughout the day. However, the soapy water may take away the natural oil from their skin and off course, you don’t want to let it happen and therefore, you should not let the kid get rained with bubbles. When you apply the soap on the skin, make sure, he has already finished splashing so the skin can be cleaned out with water. Learn more here.

3) Water & Soap

When you apply the soap on your kid’s soft skin, make sure to use the fragrance free soap and the better option is to use the cleanser which will help you avoid the harsh chemicals. And when you use the water, use lukewarm rather than the child water.

4) Use of Moisturizer

The water with saline or chlorine both are considered to be damaging for the skin of the little kids and therefore, you should always keep them away from such type of waters and if you people are going to a place like beach where your kid might insist on going into the water, always carry moisturizer with you to apply on kids skin right after he/she gets of the water.

5) Use Of Emollient

The role of applying emollients is also considered to be really great in improving dry skin but the problem with emollient is that it seems to be slippery and greasy which may be a real reason of disliking by the children but this is not just about disliking, they can also make them slip or fall while they are still at the bathroom or slippery floor. Therefore, the best time to use emollients is when you have brought the kids to a safer place.

6) Use Of Humidifier for Moisture

If you are living in a cold area or having dry air in your house, this will also be bad for your kids and therefore, it is a great idea to use a humidifier to increase moisturizer in the air which is quite essential for the health and softness of your kid’s skin.