/2 Tips To Cure Vitiligo Naturally
vitiligo affected hands

2 Tips To Cure Vitiligo Naturally


Vitiligo sufferers have to make a few changes in their lives to minimize the sufferings especially if they have fair skin color, they must take more care. The doctors strongly advise vitiligo sufferers to wear a sunscreen with an SPF as it saves the skin from the sunrays, sunburn and other damages.

There are vitiligo cosmetics available in the market and you can use them to hide the white patches. Cosmetics will surely help you build up your confidence level and you will feel more confident to face the people. However, you will have to try various brands of cosmetics to match the color with your skin tone. The use of natural home remedies for eliminating white patches is not a new cure for vitiligo. Various home remedies have been used for centuries to get rid of this problem. Some of the most commonly use natural vitiligo cures are mentioned below;

1) Turmeric

It has been scientifically proven that the use of Turmeric & mustard oil enhances the level of immunity which helps in producing melanin cells in the skin. You can create your own home remedy to eliminate white patches just by mixing five tbs of turmeric and mustard oil (about 250 ml or less). Though, it will take more time to produce results but finally you will discover that these results are permanent and your skin has got back its glow. Apply the mixture on affected skin spots 2-3 times a day until the vitiligo is completely cured.

2) Red clay

Another very simple natural home remedy is the use of Red clay which is easily available. You can prepare a mixture of red clay and ginger juice and use the paste on skin spots.