/Threatening Perils of Using Expired Makeup
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Threatening Perils of Using Expired Makeup


Hey there, if you are in the habit of cutting some corners or taking the liberties of sharing when it comes to makeup items, I’ve got some sobering and shocking news for you. Sharing and using expired makeup items can have some disastrous and long term consequences. You may not realize it, but your body may already be sending out SOS distress signals from the powder room that are being ignored or simply not recognized for what they are. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

The sad part is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not insist that manufacturers label and print the Best Use By dates on the makeup products that we commonly use, such as mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, powders and eyeliner. So we probably don’t pay much attention to this issue ourselves. However since all these materials contain chemicals- using some of them beyond their expiry dates is definitely not without some ill effects. It would clearly be in your own interest to steer clear of such dubious items in your makeup kit.

Consider the fact that some of your trusty makeup items like brushes, eyeliners etc may have been lying in your bathroom for ages. When we share stuff with our sorority buddies or best friends without giving it a second thought, the possibility of contamination through bacteria is very real. The composition of these items will eventually react and change, and can one day create havoc with some unsuspecting female. As the product’s stabilizing material deteriorates, it can turn into toxins. One use too far down the line and your face can turn into a veritable mess. Avoid this situation and prevent it from ever occurring in your home or office. You will be glad we warned you in time!

Airborne or water borne viruses are next in line for abuse and should be thoroughly investigated. They have even been cases of itchy watery eyes and pink eye syndrome caused by this scenario.

A look at the ingredients will help you determine possible shelf life. Water and grease based products should be the first to be thrown into the bin. While preservatives keep ingredients intact, the absence thereof is a sign of the product’s vulnerability to contamination. In fact powders being dry are seen to have the longest shelf life.

We can keep safe by keeping track of when we purchased a particular product. Just make a note in your pocket diary and that is all. Store your makeup in a cool and dry place. Periodically empty out all that your makeup area holds and reconsider what is still Ok to use and what is not. It will pay you dividends in the long run. Also do not forget to change applicators no matter how good they look after a certain period of time, say three months.

By following these simple tips you will avoid and prevent any mishap from occurring in your home or office. You may also avoid any legal liabilities that come out from use of your products at home or in the workplace.