/The Youthful Power of Confidence

The Youthful Power of Confidence


Nothing succeeds like success, they say, and confidence and self-belief are usually behind many a victory on the sports field or in office. Even among the opposite sex, the way a person carries himself or herself and a winning smile and confident posture is considered to be a great positive turn on. In other words, it is an established fact that how we dress, look and feel about ourselves counts both in our personal and professional lives.

In a psychological experiment in the USA, volunteers were first asked to describe their own facial features to a professional sketch artist in order to produce a realistic sketch of themselves. Next they were asked to describe the person closest to them, in order for the artist to make another sketch of how they described other people. Nine times out of ten, it was found that individuals were typically more reluctant to describe their own positive features compared to what they saw in others.

This experiment was conducted by Proctor and Gamble and was part of the Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign in the USA. The conclusion of this experiment was that we often underestimate our own physical and mental qualities in comparison with others, or in other words are willing to give them more than their fair share of credit for the qualities they possess.

Our society has unfortunately been obsessed with youth and beauty for a long time now and the entire fashion industry sets standards for what is acceptable to the majority of the population in the profiles of the people they adore and idolize as sex symbols or role models.

Author Nancy Epcott has made this kind of research the subject of her book, “Survival of the Prettiest”, in which she set out to find exactly what we are attracted to in terms of beauty and why. We all know that a smooth and clear complexion, a slender figure, an androgynous look and good grooming and a sense of style can make us stand out and appear very attractive to others. Another option is to appear naturally considerate and caring to females, for this is a weakness they cater to. However when it comes to marriage material, rich guys usually go for the prettiest girls. It is hoped that they will produce handsome or beautiful offspring, for looks and money is the most lethal combination of all. Apart from that, exuding confidence and caring in all that you do is sure to win the heart of any female.

But what if you’re not naturally confident or handsome? Well, there are confidence training and grooming experts who can help you out to a point. Proper diet and exercise will also leave you feeling more accomplished. It also helps to have a clear goal or purpose in life. It’s the survival of the fittest, and a woman loves a man who makes her feel wanted and loved. So go ahead and take that confidence boosting course today.