/The Effects Seasonal Change can Have on Our Skin

The Effects Seasonal Change can Have on Our Skin


Most of us have the joy of witnessing all four seasons in a year- winter, spring, summer and fall. Other people may miss out a season or two because there is a sharp transition from winter to summer and vice versa, with spring and autumn hardly noticeable because they are mild and last no more than two weeks at a time.

Some people may not have such a difficult time handling changes in weather and take it in their stride. Others are not so fortunate and may lapse into moodiness and depression for days on end, sulking till they get used to the change. Season affective disorder or SAD is the name officially given to this condition. We do make an effort to get into our winter or summer clothes as the weather changes, but getting our skin acclimatized to these changes is quite another matter.

The function of the skin is simple-to keep irritants out and to keep moisture in. But even this function can involve complexities especially if the skin is exposed at any time to a dangerous and harsh environment. Depending on your skin type, even the slightest changes can cause irritation, dryness and other skin problems. The following is a plan of action to deal with the effect of seasonal changes on your skin;

Reconsidering your Cleanser

When the season changes from summer and winter to spring and fall, it’s time to change your cleansing lotion to a lighter brand- one that does not have a heavy moisturizing or hydrating action. So a switch from a frothy cream to a simple cleanser at this time is recommended. However, creamier versions are still recommended if you have dry or sensitive skin so consult with your doctor accordingly.

Increasing Hydration

If you are switching from milder to harsher weather changes, of course you will have to increase the hydration come the onset of summer or winter. Hydration keeps your skin adequately moisturized and aids in smooth, supple skin.

Reducing Exfoliation

In the cold weather, owners of dry skin may need to discontinue exfoliation. This can cause friction and is not recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Exfoliation is the process of cleaning the outer layer of the skin with a chemical or natural abrasive like orange or lemon peel. Patting some moisturizer instead of rubbing is more soothing, and it makes eminent sense to stop using chemical peels and scrubs during the winter season.

Discontinuing the Hot Showers

It is known that hot showers tend to strip moisture and lipids from the skin. So it would definitely be better to take a warm shower compared to a hot one sometimes. You can apply safflower oil to the tub as it contains linoleic acid which has a hydrating effect on the skin. This tip works well in both hot and cold weather.

Hot or cold weather can have an effect on your skin so being aware of changes in the weather and changing your skincare routine to accommodate the effects of the season is a very wise thing to do.