/The Adverse Effects Drugs can Have on Your Skin

The Adverse Effects Drugs can Have on Your Skin


Cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine and meth – these and other hazardous substances can have strong adverse effects on your skin and overall well being. We often do not stop to think twice about the fact that what we put into our bodies every day or even from time to time can take a toll on our health and affect our bodies and minds from within and without. It is time to stop and take stock of what we are ingesting into our bodies- for better or worse.

The Effect of Cigarettes

The bad effects of cigarettes have been documented for over the last fifty years now. Ever since there has been a definite connection noted between cigarettes and lung cancer, there have been concerted efforts by Governments and the public to cut down or replace the cigarette habit. This is because cigarettes are full of hazardous chemicals like nicotine, benzene and the like that are known to create lung problems and breathing difficulties as well as being addictive. That’s why it is so difficult to quit smoking for most people.

Smokers cough and fine lines across the face are accompanying hazards of the smoking habit. It can affect not only your skin health but your appetite. What’s more, the dangers of second hand smoke have been well documented also. Cigarette smoking also has the effect of narrowing blood vessels to the face and making the skin look pallid and haggard. Cigarette smoking creates a bunch of free radicals, which have adverse effects on skin health and cause aging in humans.

The Effect of Alcohol

While drinking alcohol in small amounts- say a pick me up drink in the afternoon or a nightcap before retiring is beneficial to health and our overall well being, an excessive use of alcohol can have serious and long term adverse effects on our bodies and minds. The antioxidant reservatrol found in red grape wine is definitely beneficial in prolonging healthy life, but on the whole drinking in excess is not good for anyone. It corrupts the liver and affects heart health. It can cause ulcers and even renal problems. Drinking can cause the blood vessels in the face to break down and it accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.

Cocaine, Meth & Other Drugs

These drugs available on the black market in the USA are sold surreptitiously in the street. All of them are additive and have serious adverse consequences for our health in the long run. While some are advocating their use for medicinal purposes, there is always the danger of the drugs falling into the wrong hands and being abused. At the moment the jury is still out on the efficacy of marijuana and crystal meth. Crack and ecstasy are the most addictive of all. Meth can make you look old and gaunt and affect your dental health as well. It does not bide well for your skin as well.

Every passing day we hear of some celebrity or another lose their life due to the drug habit. Experimenting with recreational drugs can have serious side effects on our skin, as can drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.