/Tattoo Mania – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Tattoo Mania – Its Advantages and Disadvantages


A tattoo may be described as a marking or printing made on the skin using indelible ink. Tattoos were first used by sailors and miners, however it got more and more popular among many segments of the population and in the last 25 years or so, has sparked a popular trend as a means of self-expression or fashion statement. This article will give you a good knowhow of what are the different types of tattoos, how are they made, how can a tattoo be removed, or its effects be covered, and what is the use of removable tattoo ink.

All Tattoos are not Created Equal

While people often go to tattoo artists to get a professionally done tattoo design, they know very little or nothing about how to take care after a tattoo has been imprinted on the skin. Skincare specialists recommend the minimal use of a good supporting ointment that does not irritate or inflame the skin upon application, but rather soothes it. It is advised never to touch your fingers directly to the affected area, but use an applicator, as touching can cause infection. On the other hand, using too much ointment can interfere with healing and color retention of the tattoo. The use of Aquaphor, Neosporin, A+D ointment or bacitracin is recommended.

Further care is recommended in the first week, which includes avoiding skincare products, soap, makeup and exposure to the sun. Jacuzzis, hot showers, saunas and swimming are also no-go areas. Even excessive sweating can affect the bonding of the tattoo with the skin.

How to Remove a Tattoo

Let’s suppose a tattoo went wrong, or you are considering removal of an earlier tattoo. In this case, the only truly effective and recommended procedure is by using laser technology. Depending upon the size, colors and ink used in your tattoo, removing it can take up to 6 to 10 sessions via laser. This is because lasers affect only one color at a time, and each color requires a laser beam of a different wavelength. For some patients, removal of a tattoo can leave the area with lighter pigmentation than the rest of the skin, but this has been known to reduce and normalize given enough time.

Covering the Effects of a Tattoo

So covering or removing the effects of a tattoo requires some good skin care and patience; in some cases, the effects can be undone but then this is painful and can cause loss of blood, so the best alternative is laser removal surgery, Derma Blend and Make Up for Ever are two products that are recommended if you want to remove the earlier tattoos.

Using Removable Tattoo Ink

Some innovative tattoo artists use removable tattoo ink that does not give the traditional pain and effort of removing it. These inks are made of less dense materials and are easily bonded or removed from the skin. At the very least it gives the wearer an option to remove or rethink his actions later on, should he change his mind or outgrow this phase.

Tattoos are a new form of expression for the 21st century and tattoos with removable ink are fast catching on in the mainstream fashion media. However getting a tattoo with permanent or indelible ink can have some short and long term consequences for our skin health so we should think twice before taking the plunge.