/Sunburn While Pregnant – Preventive Measures

Sunburn While Pregnant – Preventive Measures


When a woman gets pregnant, she experiences a number of changes in her body which include mental, physical and emotional changes. Where a pregnant woman prepare herself for becoming a mom, she also faces a number of physical changes which might be simply her way of walking and talking or the other changes and problems with her body and skin which may include acne, rashes, breaking nails, stretch marks, dark blotches, hair loss, sunburn, etc.

The all minor and major changes occur only because of the hormonal fluctuations during the period of pregnancy. No matter what these changes are but most of them directly or indirectly leave their effects on the skin. However in some of the cases these changes may leave positive impact on the skin. If you are pregnant, you surely need to take extra care of your body as well as skin especially when you go out under the sun, you must wear a sunscreen which will help you protect your skin from getting the harmful effects of ultraviolet sunrays that may even cause skin cancer.

Sunburn during pregnancy can leave the skin blotches which are usually known as Chloasma or marks of pregnancy. This condition brings brown colored marks around the nose, eyes and cheeks of a pregnant woman. If you are the one who has to spend lots of time in sun, you might have to face worse condition of sunburn.

Sunburn and Pregnancy – Preventions

1) Wear Sunscreen & Sun-block

Whenever you go out, always wear sunscreen with a 15-30 SPF. It is recommended that using SPF of 15 or even higher will be great to provide great protection. If you are using sun-block, use with SPF 30 which will give more protection than using with an SPF 50. In case of Pregnancy and sunburn, you better stay out of the sun. Try to minimize the time you spend in exposure to the sun even if you have put on sunscreen. You can use an umbrella or hat to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

2) Drink lots of Liquids

During sunburn pregnancy, your body should be fully hydrated for which you need to drink lots of water and other fluids. There is no need to feel thirsty, keep drinking throughout the day so your body does not get dehydrated.

Other Skin Conditions during Pregnancy – Preventions

Pregnant sunburn is one condition but there are still some other conditions during pregnancy such as acne which is noticed by some of the women. To get rid of acne breakouts, you should wash your face with a good cleanser at least two times a day. During pregnancy women may also have stretch marks because of growth of breasts and belly. Usually there is no use of applying creams to get rid of these lines but after you have given birth to the baby, most of these lines will disappear. You might also observe skin tags on your armpits, neck and breaks. However, in this case you will have to consult your doctor as these may not go away even after the birth of baby. Sunburn in pregnancy requires extra care of the body as well as well as the skin because the carelessness might result in great complications.