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Sunburn on Eyes – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


The skin condition which is known as sunburn is the result of extreme exposure to the sun or UV rays. Most of the people may become the victim of ultraviolet rays which is not limited to the skin disorder but might also damage your eyes. Someone with low pigment is usually more prone to get eye sunburn.

How Fatal UV Rays Might Be?

UV Rays might be quite fatal for your eyes in any whether either it is cloudy or sunny. Therefore, it is highly advised not to go in sun without wearing sunglasses which are developed to protect the eyes by preventing UV rays which may directly hit. However, if you are wearing fancy sunglasses which are just to give you a better look, may not be able to protect you from UV rays. Therefore, whenever you shop for sunglasses, make sure that you get the glasses that have the capability to block UV rays.


Sunburn on eyes due to exposure to the sun is a bitter truth which must never be ignored at any cost as it may result into very bad effects to your ability to see. The victim may notice various symptoms such as pain, irritation, redness, vision blurring, tearing, feeling of gritty and loss of vision that might be temporary or permanent in some cases. These problems may not be treated because most of the people take them as normal issues. Let’s see what is the best way to check if you have been affected with eyes sunburn or something else? If you are suffering from sunburn, you might feel discomfort because of gritty sensation, but there is usually no pain.

Eye is the most sensitive part of human body which is usually more prone to get sunburn under eyes if overexposed to sunlight. The extreme exposure to the sun can greatly damage the membrane, a thin, pliable sheet or layer found inside eyeball called retina. The problem usually occurs if the victim tries to look at the sun directly without wearing protective glasses. Remember that damage to the retina can result into blindness or impaired vision.

If you have been a victim of this condition, you might feel pain, tearing or gritty feeling in your eyes. You may not notice these problems right after you got affected but after a few hours they would appear. If these problems are not caused by sunburn, they are supposed to go away but if they don’t, you must consult with your doctor for proper treatment.

You can also get sunburn on eyelids and if this happens to you, apply wet and cool cloth around your eyes. In this case, avoid applying lotions or creams but pay a visit to a doctor if it does not go away. Sometimes, you may feel itching but there is no swelling. This condition may not be sunburn. However, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Snow Blindness

Sunburn around eyes can also cause snow blindness in which the cornea might get damaged. Snow blindness usually happens with the climbers, hikers and skiers and this is because they have to face high intensity of sunlight. They should always wear side panels’ sunglasses to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Swollen Eyes Treatment

You should always pay regular visits to your doctor as this will greatly help you avoid any unexpected problems with your vision. If you notice such symptoms which are mentioned above, you should never neglect. If you ignore them, you will actually make your condition more complicated to be treated. Therefore, immediate attention must be taken as it can help you avoid any more damage or complication with your vision.

When it is about sunburn, people usually just think about the skin areas which are more exposed to the sun and they try to take care of these areas with sunscreen and sun-blocks, and they never think about eye care which can also get damaged with ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is really important to wear protective glasses as a part of preventive measure and treatment. Sunglasses can help you block almost 95% of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It is not very difficult to keep your eyes healthy as you just have to get a hat to wear whenever you go out along with a pair of sunglasses.

As far as the color of your lenses is concerned, you better have lenses of neutral gray color which are considered best as neutral gray color will reduce intensity of light. On the other hand, those who have impaired vision or those who are a part of athletics, should use amber or brown lenses as they are considered best in reducing light as well as increasing contrast.


If you feel you might get sunburn on eyes, the best thing you can do to avoid this situation is to stay away from UV rays of sun as much as possible. You should also use eye drops to get relieved from temporary pain or irritation. If you don’t feel better within a few days, you must visit your doctor.