/Sunburn Blisters Treatment – 3 Levels of Sunburn

Sunburn Blisters Treatment – 3 Levels of Sunburn


Sunburn blisters are associated with the second and third degree burns which are considered quite serious if compared to the first degree that causes redness, pain, skin tenderness but causes no blisters.

3 Levels of Sunburn & Blisters

The first degree is the common type of sunburn and most of the people get affected with it every year. However, this condition can be treated easily even at home with natural home remedies but as far as the second and third degrees are concerned, they are more of a problem.

The second degree is actually blistering sunburn which also causes other problems such as pain, redness and swelling. In this case, the deep skin layers might get badly damaged, and if you begin healing process with proper treatment, you will experience fever, chills, nausea and wrinkling too. The level of pain in this condition is extremely high and the children find it too difficult to bear.

The third degree is the worst form and requires great immediate and proper procedure to be treated. As this is the severest condition, its symptoms also come into the worst form as extreme redness, unbearable pain, large sized blisters from sunburn which might cover the large area of body and swelling. Moreover, the patient also experiences fever and nausea. There is no use of trying home remedies which will be totally wastage of time and you will gain nothing but disappointment. Therefore, when you have doubt to have third degree, immediately visit a physician for a proper treatment.

Possible Treatments

  1. Sunburn blister treatment at home is useful only if you find the blisters which are not bigger than 2 inches in diameter and haven’t covered a large area of your skin. When you feel you have been affected with ultra valet rays, you should start consuming lots of water and other fluids and this is because of the fact that the body gets dehydrated.
  2. Use an application of aloe vera gel or lotion to the affected areas to reduce the pain. However, don’t use the products that contain petroleum, butter or oil as they will increase heating which will result into deeper burns and most probably will cause infections.
  3. Take oatmeal bath or cool shower or apply cool compresses to the areas which are sunburned. To develop compresses, you can use towel or some soft fabric which will be laid upon the sunburned areas. Don’t try to rub, simply lay the compresses. Make sure that you don’t utilize warm, cold or hot water for these treatments.
  4. The patient might also want to pick, break or pop these blisters, which is totally unwise and you must never do it.
  5. It is not such a problem for which you have to be ashamed to see a doctor. In case of the first degree or little blisters, you can use home remedies, but it is always better to consult with your doctor for proper treatment of this problem.