/Sunburn Blister Remedies – Get Rid of Blisters at Home

Sunburn Blister Remedies – Get Rid of Blisters at Home


Sunburn blisters are caused by extreme exposure to the sunrays which may be extremely painful. They occur in large number and in bigger size to the areas which are affected to sunburn. As far as the severity is concerned, it depends upon the damages done to the skin because of sun exposure. They might also be accompanied with pain and itching. Sometimes people use butter or petroleum to get rid of them which gives nothing but a worsened skin condition as these ingredients cause increased heat.

Proper Treatment & Home Remedies

So far there is no proper treatment that can be used to eliminate the suffering caused by the blister from sunburn. However, you can still find some home remedies which can provide you with relief and the problems associated with it.

1) Cold Compresses

Home remedies for sunburn blistering include a very simple way to cool the affected areas for which cold compresses are used. A moistened towel soaked in cold water is used for this purpose. Take a clean towel, soak it into cold water, shed the excessive water soaked in towel and put it on the affected skin areas. If you are the victim of sunburn, don’t use hot water to take both, use cold water instead. However, the ice should not be applied directly.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant juice can provide sunburn blisters relief. You can get the juice form fresh aloe leaf and apply it to speed up the healing process. When it is about moisturizing the burnt skin areas, you can also use other water-based moisturizers. During the treatment, make sure that you never make the mistake to break the blisters to flush out the fluid. The breaking attempt can only make the problem worse as it increases the risk of infections. In some cases, they might be very large and can create problems in your way to do your routine activities. To deal with this problem, cover them up with soft piece of fabric.

3) Raw Potatoes

As a blistered sunburn treatment, you can also use raw potato which has been proven to be quite effective in healing process. Take 2 fresh potatoes, rinse them, cut them into pieces or slices and blend them. Then mix some water to make a paste and apply on the burned areas. Leave it for a few minutes to get dried and then wash it with cold water. This method can be repeated many times a day. White portion of egg will also get you relief from blistering pain.

4) Yoghurt

They can also be treated with a mixture prepared with 3 ingredients which are yoghurt, turmeric and barley. All these ingredients should properly be mixed up to make a paste. Apply the paste on the burned areas and leave to get dried for about half an hour and then wash with cold water.