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Skincare and Possible Reactions


We all have different types of skin and different reactions to makeup applications. Some of us are blessed with normal skin, others dry skin and yet others oily skin. There are even people who have combination skin, dry in some areas and oily in others. But the worst scenario befalls people who have sensitive skin. These individuals really have to take care at all times not to do something that would have an adverse effect on their skin. When going to the beach, you typically notice that they are armed with a whole boxful of creams, moisturizers and sunscreen. They appear to be overly concerned with placement of their protective umbrellas and other paraphernalia that they bring along to the beach on every trip.

Redness and rashes on skin are one indication that your skin is sensitive and needs to be given special care. Stinging on the skin can unfortunately be induced by using glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid on the skin. This may or may not be accompanied by redness, so don’t be surprised if your skin stings but has not yet changed color. The acidic ingredients present in these formulations are the cause of your discomfort. Lightening the skin pigmentation through products containing benzoic acid, sorbic acid and azelaic acid can similarly cause a stinging reaction. As if that wasn’t enough, individuals with stinging skin have to be cautious not to use products containing capsaicin, menthol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint. These products from nature have been known to cause stinging and burning of the skin. Such people are also advised not to use products containing Vitamin C, as this vitamin can only be absorbed by the skin in its acidic form.

If you are by now deeply perturbed by reading all this information, do not despair yet because there is still hope for you. Skin specialists have recommended that such people try sunscreen containing titanium oxides and zinc oxides. For those that want natural cures, products such as green tea, reservatrol and feverfew are recommended.
In this hot and sultry weather, there is much to be said for planning an exercise and relaxation program that does not impinge on your busy schedule. These items should hydrate and moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and malleable. Always choose products that do not block pores and give the skin a good workout.

It is indeed frustrating to find skincare products that do not cause allergies to sensitive skin types. The ingredient avobenzone used in some sunscreen products can cause stinging of the skin as well. So for people having sensitive skin, it is really an uphill task to find skincare and beauty products that meet their needs. It is highly recommended to test your skin with a professional dermatologist before doing anything to beautify the skin, hair and face, our principal elements of importance. The Baumann Skin Type test is a good starting point where we would come to know our skin type, the type of beauty and makeup regimen that would be most beneficial for us and the cost of various beauty and skin treatment procedures. Armed with this knowledge, you are most likely to use the correct methods to beautify your skin and reap the benefits.