/Should You Protect Your Skin When Going to the Gym?

Should You Protect Your Skin When Going to the Gym?


Going to the gym to exercise and stay in shape has been known for its effects on skin care and overall health. A recent topic of interest has been the question whether gym freaks need to protect their skin while working out at the gym. Showering before and after a workout will definitely go a long way to protect the skin, however it is also recommended to take the following precautions that will result in better skin health for a longer period of time.

I) Use Common Sense

Going through a complete foundation course before a trip to the gym is silly because you know you are going to sweat it all off sooner or later. It is also important to use the right moisturizer and cleanser after exercising because working out can make you sweat and cause bacteria.

II) The Effect of Clothing

Not only clothing but the environmental conditions in which you are exercising can also have an effect on your skin. Working out in extremely hot or cold weather can be counter productive and cause illnesses or debilitation of the body’s immune system, so be careful on this account. It is preferable to use cotton materials as compared to those made of synthetic fiber, since they can affect the body temperature, ease of exercising and your overall well being and fitness. Get out of your other clothes and into your gym wear and vice versa as soon as you start and end your exercise schedule. Keep these items isolated from the rest of your wardrobe and clean regularly.

III) Avoiding Infection

The gym is a place that is shared by hundreds of different people every day. Unfortunately this makes it a hotbed for contracting diseases like foot fungus, warts and herpes. Washing your hands and feet with a cleanser before and after a workout is a good idea if you want to avoid any chances of infection. Even your footwear should be stored carefully when not in use in order to prevent infection. Wearing flip flops at the showers is a good idea because they are lightweight and can be managed easily.

IV) Ingredients to Avoid

Moisturizers can have the negative effect of making your skin sweat, causing irritation and burning later on. Retinol, glycolic acid and Vitamin C are also dangerous to use in the gym or immediately after a workout, so it is best to leave them for a night time application. Some hair care products carry ingredients that can make your skin sweat and lead to the formation of acne.

V) Post Workout Considerations

Rosacea is a condition you have if your skin tends to get red after exercise. Rosaliac Cleaner and Redness Relief CalmPlex and Replenix Power of 3 are branded products that work to reduce and control this condition. Using argan oil is an excellent alternative, but do not use it prior to working out as it can clog skin pores.

Keeping your body in shape from the inside out also requires adequate protection for the skin since this is invariably exposed during any sort of workout, especially at the gym.