/Severe Sunburn Treatment at Home

Severe Sunburn Treatment at Home


You might have had a great and enjoyable day at the beach with your spouse or lover or your other family members, friends or colleagues. The company of good people must have made you enjoy swimming in the sea, walking on the beach, relaxing your body under the sun on a chair. Finally, when you get to your home, the same day or the next morning, you notice that your skin has been extremely heated or sunburned. The most beautiful moments of the beach suddenly turn into painful and itchy ones.

You might be the one who has gone through the above situation but surely there is nothing to worry about it as sunburn treatments are available to get rid of these symptoms and problems. You can find a number of ways to get rid of the painful results of overexposure. However, it is better to visit your doctor for professional advice before using any program or products.

Mild Sunburn

If your condition is not too much painful and the symptoms are not severe such as blistering or peeling, you can wait for a few days to let them vanish without any treatment as in most of the cases, people get affected with the first degree of sunburn which disappears itself within a few days or weeks.

Use of Topical Products

If you want the products for topical use, you can get lotions or creams for this purpose. The treatment products are easily available and you just have to visit a local drugstore in your vicinity. If your condition is not very bad, you can simply get rid of these symptoms by taking a cold shower or bath. Cold bathing will give you quick relief from pain and itching as this will reduce the heating in your body. You can also place cold and wet towel on the affected skin areas. However, for severe case, you must consult with your doctor.

Natural Remedies

If you want some natural treatment, you can learn about a number of natural homemade remedies, but it is advised that any treatment can be utilized only after consulting with your doctor to avoid any other complications and skin problems.

Vitamin E

The best remedy is the consumption of the products which contain vitamin E. The high consumption of vitamin E will provide a balanced level of healthy ingredients to your body which will surely help reducing the sufferings.

What helps Curing Sunburn from your Kitchen?

There might be number of ingredients in your kitchen that can help you. In this regard, the most useful kitchen items include aleo vera oil, lavender oil, tea, vinegar, yogurt and tomatoes.

If you are treating your sunburn at home with natural remedies, make sure that you get good result within a few days or weeks; if it is taking too long, you should not waste your time and immediately contact your doctor for proper treatment.