/Psoriasis Of The Scalp – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
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Psoriasis Of The Scalp – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


What is Scalp Psoriasis?

The question which people normally ask is what is scalp psoriasis? The answer to this is that scalp psoriasis is a disease that should not be taken lightly because it can cause severe damage if left untreated. If left untreated scalp psoriasis can turn into plaque that can then spread to other parts of body like ears, face and neck. Mild scalp psoriasis is the root cause of dandruff. Common symptoms of the disease include itchiness on head skin. Flakes of cells that are dead will also start to fall from the head of the person suffering from scalp psoriasis.

Causes of Psoriasis

It is a common perception that psoriasis scalp is an inherited disease and this is true to an extent. However, apart from genes inheritance the causes of this disease can be traced outside the realm of genetics. A weakened immune system can also cause psoriasis on scalp. It is important to note here that this disease can affect people of any age group and gender.

Psoriasis of scalp can happen due to events that may seem minor such as scratches, abrasion and sunburn. Like dandruff the most chances of occurrence of scalp psoriasis is in winter, the reason being skin dryness caused by limited availability of sunlight to the scalp. Psoriasis of the scalp is a serious headache for those people who have to wear black dress to the work place. White flakes of scalp on the shoulders do not give a very good impression.

Common Misconception

Many people tend to associate fallen hair with scalp psoriasis. This is nothing more than a myth. Hair fall is caused by some other factors not related to skin psoriasis.

What Needs To Be Done?

If you have scalp psoriasis then you need to pay a visit to doctor or a dermatologist. In most cases doctor can tell whether person has scalp psoriasis or not, simply by looking at the skin. If scant visual evidence is available then skin biopsy is usually performed.

Treatment Of Scalp Psoriasis

There are various products available that aid in the treatment of scalp psoriasis. These products are;

• Shampoos
• Oils and
• Coal Tar

Most shampoos contain an important ingredient, salicylic acid. These shampoos not only reduce itchiness but they also prevent skin dryness. Use of coal tar for treating psoriasis on the scalp goes back many centuries. It is quite effective for achieving the desired results. Steroids can also be used for treating the worst forms of psoriasis.

Phototherapy is a process that can be used to treat psoriasis on scalp. However, most dermatologists do not prefer this treatment because it is tedious for the person performing the operation. It is also time consuming hence requiring a lot of patience.

What most people do not know is that ketoconazole (an anti fungal drug) can also be used for treating severe conditions of the disease. If you get positive results by using this drug then you should continue with it. Otherwise you should experiment with different treatments until you find the one that suits you best.

There are other natural ways of treating psoriasis of scalp such as doing proper exercise and using stress management methods. The ultimate purpose off all the treatments and exercises is to increase the healing ability of the skin so that it does not peel off easily.