/Does Proactiv Have Side Effects?
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Does Proactiv Have Side Effects?


A person’s skin performs several different functions ranging from protection against germs and viruses to repelling water or containing muscles and veins.  So, it is no wonder that the products applied to the skin need to be carefully reviewed.  Most consider that products sold at pharmacies are FDA regulated making them safe to use; however, this is not always the case.  This article will discuss one of the most popular acne treatment products – Proactiv.

What Is Proactiv?

Proactive is a three-step skincare treatment that is typically utilized to treat acne among people of all ages.  The active ingredients in Proactive include glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid.  While all of these ingredients are active in acne treatment, the most concentrated ingredient is benzoyl peroxide.

This multi=step routine operates using a low concentration benzoyl peroxide cleanser first, followed by an alcohol-free toner, and then the salicylic acid-based lotion.  While all of these products are available separately at pharmacies, a product consumer survey has found that purchasing the three-step Proactive program is more cost-effective.  

What Are The Different Side Effects Of Proactiv?

According to Ashley’s review, Studies have found that the Proactiv program is highly beneficial in treating acne because it includes benzoyl peroxide as a primary ingredient.  According to research from the American Academy of Dermatology, benzoyl peroxide is considered one of the most effective options for acne treatment.  Unfortunately, while clinical trials do show effectiveness in the program, there are several side effects to Proactiv.  The side effects will be discussed below.

  1.  Dry Skin

Clinical trials have found that approximately 50% of all users have an adverse reaction to the Proactiv program with one of the primary side effects being dry skin.  Dryness is typically caused by Proactiv controlling the release of sebum on the skin; thereby, resulting in a dry texture.  While this can seem like an insignificant and irrelevant issue, ignoring the flaking of facial skin can result in detrimental future problems.

  1.  Peeling Of The Skin

Similar to dryness, peeling of the facial skin is due to Proactiv controlling sebum release on the face and causing a dry texture to the skin.  This is beneficial in treating acne outbreak; however, overuse of Proactiv may cause peeling of the epidermal layer of skin.  Peeling is a more serious issue than dryness as it leads to the exposure of the skins under layer making your face vulnerable to bacterial infections.

  1.  Itching Of The Skin

Itching is a common side effect among people with sensitive skin.  If you have sensitive skin, it may not be beneficial to utilize Proactiv as the ingredients can be considered ‘harsh’.  Many reports from consumer reviews have indicated itchy sensations from individuals who have sensitive skin; therefore, it may be best to utilize other types of acne treatments if you have this type of skin.

  1.  Burning Sensations And Stinging

Whenever a person uses a new product to treat any skin condition, it is important that they be aware of signs that the product is not suitable for the skin.  One of the more common signs that it is unsuitable is a burning or stinging sensation.  Burning and stinging are immediate side effects, and if you experience these symptoms, it is recommended you stock using the product immediately.  To deal with the issue, it is advised that you apply a cold compress and discontinue use of the product – in this case, it would be Proactiv.

  1.  Inflammation And Redness

Another relatively immediate sign that a product, in this case, Proactiv, is unsuitable for your skin is redness or inflammation.  The inflammation typically presents itself a few hours after use with redness showing one day after use.  If any of these side effects are experienced it is recommended you stop the program immediately and visit a physician if the symptoms do not recede.

  1.  An Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions tend to take time before they appear; however, it is a serious reaction as compared to the above Proactiv side effects.  If you believe you are having an allergic reaction, such as low blood pressure or swelling of the nasal passage or throat, it is recommended that you contact a medical professional immediately.