/Potatoes – 6 Simply Amazing Tips to Make Your Skin Glow with Potatoes

Potatoes – 6 Simply Amazing Tips to Make Your Skin Glow with Potatoes


Beauty has many standards and every age and generation has undoubtedly had its own icons of beauty and grace. The images of film stars and other famous personalities dominate celebrity lists and our daily gossip columns. On the positive side are the do gooders, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists we like to read about, while the negative news is all about the shenanigans of rock stars, musicians, political and other scandals that are eagerly picked up by daily public starved for something exciting to read and talk about. Yet not a day passes when the topic of how to maintain beauty using foods to make your skin glow is not broached upon. Foods that make skin glow is a topic of perennial interest to women of all ages and occupations, i.e. married, single, office secretary, manager or housewife. Looking beautiful is a worldwide phenomenon and everyone can reap its benefits.

Facial masks and scrubs using natural ingredients like fruits and other foods are some of the most commonly applied techniques to preserve and enhance beauty. Directly related to this topic is the question of what foods make your skin glow which we will be discussing at some length in following paragraphs.

Believe it or not, the lowly potato has been widely overlooked in its efficacy for providing natural way to look beautiful using one of Mother Nature’s skin glow foods.

6 Tips Based on Use of Potatoes for Glowing Skin

  1. The potato is full of Vitamin C which is one of the most vital ingredients for good skin health.
  2. You can quickly remove dark circles under your eyes by either applying a raw potato slice over your eyes, or using freshly squeezed potato juice directly over the affected areas. It is better to wrap the potato slice in a handkerchief before using as applying it directly against the skin is harsh and may cause discomfort. Using a cotton ball is another good option.
  3. If you apply potato juice to your skin regularly, it will remove wrinkles. This same exercise also keeps your skin softer looking and more supple than before.
  4. Here is an excellent way to get rid of dark blemishes on your skin. If you blend a few potatoes and use the resultant mixture by applying it to your face and letting it remain there for at least five minutes, this will remove most of the dark spots that plague your otherwise good face and leave it looking more desirable and soft to the touch like other skin glow foods.
  5. Other facial blemishes can also be removed by applying potato juice to those harder to get areas that nevertheless affect our overall appearance.
  6. Last but not least, potatoes are also known to be an effective treatment for the common complaint of sunburns that we often experience after a trip to the beach. Simply apply cold potato slices to the affected areas for about five minutes and you will notice the difference. The swelling will reduce and the burning sensation will noticeably diminish.