/Natural Treatments & Exercises to Get Rid of Smile Lines
Smile Lines

Natural Treatments & Exercises to Get Rid of Smile Lines


The term smile lines is used to refer the folds that usually appear on both or either side of your lips and running from lips to nose or corner of mouth. The smile lines are also known as “Nasolabial Folds”. Though, the word SMILE might make you think it is something about smile but actually there is nothing about smile here. They are actually the result of deficiency of facial volume which occurs when you grow older and skin gets less elastic.

What May Cause Smile Lines on Face?

There may be a number of reasons that cause those smile lines and most common of them is aging. When you grow older, you start to get those lines which become more visible with your growing age. Some other reasons are stress and malnutrition which can lead you the way where you will be more prone to get those lines even when you are young.

What are the Disadvantages of Smile Lines?

Those, who get affected with the facial wrinkles, don’t take lots of time to be fully aware of their appearance and soon they get more conscious on how to treat this. If you have these lines, these will give you a bitter look and you will look even older than your actual age. These smile lines around eyes and other skin areas will make you cry as you will be looking more tired and older which will automatically make you feel unhappy even if you are still feeling youthful from within.

Smile Lines Treatment

There are various methods that can be used to treat those lines such as the use of facial exercises which directly target the cheek and mouth area, thus, the flow of blood gets increased and improves the tone of muscles. This makes your skin look and feel healthy, glowing and youthful.

You might be wondering if there are any other ways on how to reduce smile lines. Well, yes, other methods can also be very effective in normalizing the volume and thus it restocks young-looking capacity and excites collagen fabrication in this zone, diminishing the presence of those irritating facial lines, creases, and wrinkles that facade our smiles.

Get Rid of Smile Lines Naturally

Here you will discover some of the great home remedies which are used to get rid of those lines as well as wrinkles.

Mixture of Egg White & Coconut Oil

  • Egg White can be used as a facial mask and it is considered to be really effective in tightening the skin around the mouth.
  • You can mix egg white with coconut oil and apply the mixture on your facial area but let it be dried before you rinse it off.
  • The coconuts oil has been very great as it works as a natural moisturizer for the skin and keep the level of elasticity fully maintained.

Massage with Coconut Oil

  • Another remedy to reduce smile lines wrinkles is the massage on affected skin region with coconut oil.
  • If you massage every night before you go to bed, your skin can get the natural antioxidant from it which can be used to get protection from free radicals.
  • You can also mix oil with vitamin E to get even better results.

Facial Exercises for Smile Lines

While you are doing some natural home remedies, you can also use facial exercises as nonsurgical face-lift and here you will learn how to remove smile lines completely. When you do exercise for this purpose, this can help you engage your skin with the muscles found underneath and by doing this you will be able to increase the flow of blood in both of these areas.

Mirror Exercise

  • It is believed that the resistance exercises can be used to diminish the deep smile lines found or appeared right near to eyes’ outer corner.
  • If you have firmed and toned skin around your eyes, those lines don’t look too prominent and even you can also prevent them to develop more lines.
  • You can give a try to smiling into the mirror exercise in which you just have to put index fingers on eyes’ outer corner when you press it upward gently, this will also lift your check. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then release back.

Pucker Up & Smile

  • Another exercise is called as pucker up and smile and this is considered to be the best treatment for smile lines. It will help you tone the skin around your lower cheeks and lips.
  • When you are successful to reduce those lines around your mouth, you can be more motivated to let you pearly whites give awesome smile.
  • Pucker your lips as much as possible and then pull your cheeks and then try to show a good smile.
  • This will be a little difficult and you will feel ache in muscles found around your mouth. Don’t do this more as this may cause strain in your muscles. Just doing it for once will be great.