/Natural Cosmetics VS Synthetic Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics VS Synthetic Cosmetics


Cosmetics includes makeup article, skin care and beauty care products and have become an essential part of daily routine life. Being a woman you have to take more care of your skin and overall beauty which require use of a number of products on daily basis. Increasing demands of cosmetics have brought the flood of such products and it has become very difficult to choose the best out of thousands of such products.

Two Types of Cosmetics

You might know the term synthetic cosmetic which is used to describe the artificial cosmetics that also contain chemicals. There is another term and that is natural cosmetic which is used to replace all unnatural, articles and fake items to beautify a woman beauty. When we talk about the natural cosmetics, it means the products which are manufactured by using the organic ingredients.

Comparison of Natural & Synthetic Cosmetics

Risk to Develop Allergies

  • When you use synthetic cosmetics, you are often more prone to get allegories but if you use natural ones, you have very rare chances to develop such allergies. But it does not mean that it is always safe to use natural ingredients.
  • You can find a long list of the ingredients used in both natural and synthetic cosmetic products and off course, it will not be easy for you to compare each and every ingredients as they are many natural ingredients which may cause some kind of minor or major allergies.

Use of Ingredients

  • There are a large number of natural ingredients and one of them is aloe which is considered to be really effective to provide lots of benefits and used in most the cosmetic products.
  • The amino acids from natural plants are gained and included in natural cosmetic products such as Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline which is considered to be an effective anti-aging agent. It does not cause any side effects.
  • You might have heard about petrolatum and Propelyne glycol and both of them are commonly used in synthetic products. It has been proven that they often cause allergic reactions.

Right Amount & Combination

  • It is also believed that the secret to use the cosmetic products with safety and without the fear of side effects is right combination and right amount of the ingredient used. But it is also true that natural products are much safer than the artificial.

Final Words

Despite the side effects of synthetic cosmetic and benefits of natural cosmetics, most of the women prefer to buy the artificial items and this is really concerning that why they do so. Well the answer is that the natural cosmetics are more expensive because of the products of ingredients. On contrary, synthetic ingredients are produced in much large quantity which automatically reduce the cost and it enables the manufactures to sell their products in much cheaper price. However, your health and beauty is much more important than the money you ear and spend. Don’t risk your beauty only because of saving some dollars that you can easily earn but once you lose your softness and glow, you may not be able to get it easily.