/Most Glamorous Makeup Look is Just 7 Steps Away From You!

Most Glamorous Makeup Look is Just 7 Steps Away From You!


Every woman dreams to get a glamorous and stylish makeup look but there are not many who really know how to get it. Most of the women don’t know what they need to know to make their dream come true. A glamorous cosmetics look is an effective way to showcase your real beauty and here are seven steps that you greatly help you with this:

1) False Eyelashes

A very simple but effective trick to get a glamorous look is to use false eyelashes. You can buy a pair of false lashes to make your eyes look brighter and larger and this will give you an amazingly changed appearance.

2) Sculpted Eyebrows

If you have sparse area near your eyebrows, use a pencil to fill out all such areas and then comb the eyebrows. If you find stray hairs under the brow, tweeze them to make an arch. Avoid over tweezing.

3) Cat Eyeliner

When you use false lashes, you can make them more apparent by using Cat eyeliner. The liner with winged out shape will extend eyes area and your eyes will look larger than their actual size. You can use gel liner and angled brush to make eyeliner.

4) Defined Crease Line

When you use neutral shades such as taupe, beige, brown and creams, it makes your eyeshadow looks even better and when eyeshadow is applied, it will be really useful to create a well-defined crease line. However, if you prefer to use the darkest color for making crease, make sure to blend it properly.

5) Apply Bronzer

Bronzer is also used to the lower areas of the face which makes emphasized areas more apparent. There are certain areas where you often need to apply bronzer such as the chine, temples and the area under your cheekbones. However, there is no need to use excessive bronzer but only a light application will be greatly enough for you. Another advice in this matter is often given that when you are choosing the bronzer, chose the one that has no orange undertones or instead you can use natural shapes.

6) Prominent Facial Features

To get a glamorous look, you need to focus on each and every feature of your face but there are some certain area which need extra focus and emphases such as your cheekbones, brow bones, nose bridge and forehead center. These areas need to be highlighted even more.

7) Red lips

Some girls don’t like to use the red lipstick on their lips but remember no other color can give you more glamorous look than red. However, it does not mean that every shade of red will suit on your face. In fact you need to choose the right one for you. Also use pencil with the same color to line your lips.

Final Words

Follow these seven tips and see how effectively and easily you can change your current look to the most glamorous one. Everything suggested above can be easily bought from the markets at an affordable price but the results you will gain will be priceless.