/Mike Walden – Famous Author of Acne No More

Mike Walden – Famous Author of Acne No More


Mike Walden is a well known medical researcher, alternative health consultant and a certified nutritionist who has been in this industry for about 14 years. He is also an author and has written a large number of articles on health related issues especially about skin conditions like acne. He has also worked with other authors to help them complete their alternative health books and some of them later became the best sellers of their times.

A Former Acne Sufferer

Mike Walden was also an acne sufferer before he became an expert in acne cure. Now he is known because of the best acne cure system namely ‘Acne No More’ available in form of ebook which was developed by him after thorough research and experiments. He has helped thousands of acne sufferers to get rid of this painful skin condition.

Mike Walden’s Personal Experience

Mike Walden is someone who can really understand pain and embarrassment of those who are facing fatal effects of acne in their lives as he himself suffered from the worst condition of acne called ‘acne vulgaris’. He also got affected by acne on neck, nose and back. Like every sufferer, he also wanted to get rid of this disease and for which he did everything he could do to eliminate. He used medicines, herbs, lotions, creams, and consulted dermatologist but failed to achieve helpful results. Constant failure made him so disappointed and he was unable to get in touch with his friends only because of embarrassment. His social life was completed disturbed and he did not find enough courage to control his feelings which were killing his self-confidence and capabilities.

15 Years of Constant Research & Struggle

Mike did not want to give up and he kept on trying to find permanent solution of his problem. Ultimately, his efforts brought him good results and after 15 years of research, he discovered the ultimate solution to eliminate acne permanently. He included all his findings into his ebook called ‘Acne No More’ which is a natural solution to cure acne.

Mike’s Achievement

There might be hundreds of acne cure systems, but most of them are not satisfactorily effective and even some of them are harmful to skin health. However, Mike Walden’s Acne No More System has been successfully used by thousands of people and now they are living with confidence and enjoying every moment of their lives which is surly the greatest achievement for Mike Walden and the result of his constant efforts, dedication and sacrifices.