/Medical & Surgical Vitiligo Treatments
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Medical & Surgical Vitiligo Treatments


Vitiligo sufferers usually have two questions in mind as follows;

  1.  Is there a cure for vitiligo?
  2. How long will it take for a complete vitiligo cure?

The answer of first question is yes but the answer of second question is a little more difficult as it depends upon the severity of the disease. Some people can cure their vitiligo in comparatively less time but the other might take even months. You cannot find a program that can cure your vitiligo within a few days but it takes time and you must be very patient to see the results. As mentioned earlier, vitiligo cannot be cured just by using some kind of so called magical treatment method but you have to balance your diet, exercises, medication and natural remedies. The best cure for vitiligo means a complete change in your daily schedule.

Medical Therapies

1) Topical Immunomodulators

Topical Immunomodulators Therapy is usually suggested for those who don’t have the worse vitiligo symptoms and the symptoms have affected just a small body area such as neck or face. However, it might also cause minor side effects. The doctors may also suggest a combination of Topical Immunomodulatros and ultraviolet B.

2) Topical corticosteroid

Topical Corticosteroids is a useful therapy for vitiligo and it usually takes less than 90 days to eliminate vitiligo symptoms. It includes ointment and cream and is equally effective for children and adults.

3) Topical Psoralen

A combination of Topical Psoralen and ultraviolet A is known as photochemotherapy. This method requires frequent visits to the doctors at least once a week.

4) Narrowband ultraviolet B

Narrowband UVB therapy requires the patent to visit the doctor 3 times a week. This is simple and effective and getting popular among those who need easy vitiligo treatment.

Surgical Therapies

I) Autologous Skin Grafts

There are various skin therapies for treating vitiligo and one of them is Autologous skin grafts which is considered very effective. In this method the healthy skin tissues of the skin are grafted to the vitiligo affected areas. However, this surgical method is useful if the patient has small patches on the skin.

II) Blister Grafting

Blister Grafting is another latest vitiligo treatment in which the blisters are developed on the skin area which is pigmented and then transferred to the depigmented area.