/Lazy Habits that Actually Aren’t

Lazy Habits that Actually Aren’t


Not everything in life is how it seems; optical illusions are oftentimes a mirror of reality. For instance, there are some habits which a person who is quick to talk and fast to judge may term ‘lazy,’ when actually, these seemingly lackadaisical modes of behavior are pretty proactive. 

One such ironic instance would be the case of a person who gets 8 hours of sleep every day. Yes, you may term it lazy, but actually, that individual is caring for his health properly, and will possibly even be more productive during the day because of the fact that he’s getting enough rest time. 

Another thing that can be mistaken as a sign of slacking when, in fact, the opposite is true, is when someone refuses to do someone a favor or take on an additional task. Ever heard of the concept that when you say no, you’re really saying yes to something else? So, when someone tells you they can’t run an errand for you, that means they have other responsibilities they need to focus on. 

Some people lug around on four wheel scooters because they aren’t strong enough to walk distances on their own. It doesn’t mean they’re lazy; it just shows that they know what they are capable of. 

Another part of life that some consider to be a subtle sign of laziness is going on vacation. Actually, vacations are quite a productive way to spend time; they revitalize the person so that they can come back to work and real life re-energized and recharged. 

Of course, as Andrew Clements advised, “It is not good to have too much of anything.” Life is like a tightrope; if you lean too much to one side, you fall off the rope and have to try again. If you’re too determined, you’re stubborn; if you’re not determined enough, you’re fickle. If you’re too kind, you’ll be left without a shirt on your back, but if you’re not kind at all, you’re nasty. Finding the middle road can take time, but once you do, you’re set to travel far!