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IPL Laser Machine – Versatile Beauty Equipment for Salons in Melbourne


As intense pulsed light (IPL) becomes more viable, economical and plausible solution, more and more people are pursuing it to treat a wide array of skin disorders such as acne scarring, fine lines, dark pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and permanent removal of unwanted body hair that was previously only manageable. This IPL laser machine proves to be versatile beauty equipment as it treats various conditions, the technician just needs to change the inbuilt settings such as the wavelength frequency as it is different depending on the skin condition and skin type. The technology has also greatly advanced and all skin and hair colour types people can undergo the IPL laser treatments without any side effects or complications.

IPL laser treatments

Here I will explore the two fascinating treatments that this technology offers. But before moving onto that let’s get to know what is IPL laser machine and how it works.

  • What is IPL Laser Technology?

Intense pulsed light technology delivers a broad spectrum of non-coherent light onto its target-the melanin and is suitable for a wide range of applications based on hair colour and skin tone. The IPL machine offers gentle and non-invasive treatments as it has sophisticated filters that limit the wavelength of the light entering the skin thus making it suitable to treat various skin conditions and removal of the unwanted body and facial hair.

  • Working of the IPL Machine

IPL laser machine works on the same principle as the laser with just a difference in that the light is absorbed by particular target cells with colour in the skin. The light energy, when absorbed by the melanin here, gets converted into heat energy damaging the specific target area. The IPL equipment has xenon lamps that power it and produce a flat spectrum of light ranging from 400nm to 1200 nm. Different filters are used to filter out the desired wavelength depending on the treatment performed. A hand-held device is used to target the wavelength to the treatment area.

Here are the treatments offered by IPL laser machine.

Hair Removal

Hair removal with IPL machine is the most popular method as it removes hair permanently and painlessly. Removal of unwanted hair has always been a problem, especially for women as the traditional methods such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and epilator did offer the results, but they were temporary, time-consuming and let alone the nicks, cuts and burns they caused. IPL hair removal machine offers far more effective treatment than the traditional methods in such that the results are long-lasting to permanent after a few sessions, non-invasive and no side effects. The broad spectrum of light from the IPL machine targets the melanin in the hair shaft which gets absorbed and converted into heat thereby destroying the hair follicle. The body areas that can be treated include arms, legs, underarms, chest, back, bikini line and face excluding the areas near the eyes due to safety reasons.

  • Number of sessions

The number of treatment sessions needed depends on the area to be treated, a small area requires fewer sessions while a larger area requires more sessions and the desired results. Usually, the number of treatment sessions needed is 6-10 which is done 2-3 weeks apart to achieve the desired results.

  • Preparing for the treatment session

The most essential thing to remember whenever undergoing the IPL laser treatment is that you need to avoid the sun because if the treatment area is tanned, the treatment won’t be effective as it should be. Do not wax or use an epilator in the treatment area, but you can shave the previous day of the appointment. The aesthetician applies a cooling gel and then with the help of a handheld device targets the laser onto the skin. This may feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin and each session lasts for about 15 min. to an hour.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is the most common problem among teenagers, however, it can happen to anyone at any age and result in scarring. Acne can have social and psychological effects on life and even mild acne can be severely disabling.

  • Causes of Acne

Acne is caused due to overproduction of oil from the sebaceous glands which could be due to hormonal changes, eating too much greasy food items, overlooking skincare regime, stress, medications and dirt and pollution. The sebum or oil is required to lubricate the skin but sometimes it gets trapped in the skin pores giving rise to acne. The damage that occurs and the scarring is the dreaded outcome which has a profound effect on the person’s self-esteem. Various treatments are available but the results are not satisfactory and some may cause side effects. The most popular and effective treatment is offered by IPL laser. The IPL laser machine not only helps remove acne but is also offers acne scar treatment. 

  • How does IPL acne scar treatment work?

The laser IPL machine emits short pulses of intense light through a handheld device onto the targeted area. A specific wavelength of light is used which targets the bacteria which is the main culprit for breakouts. The skin absorbs the light and the patient can feel a pinprick sensation. The soothing gel is applied before the treatment as it eases out any discomfort that may be caused.

The red or brown marks left behind by the acne are effectively removed by the IPL machine as it targets the pigment cells specifically in a gentle and non-invasive manner. The best treatment is offered by Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre.  

IPL energy at various wavelengths is selectively used to destroy pigment cells and broken capillaries.

  • Number of treatment sessions

IPL acne scar treatment sessions are quite short, typically ranging from 30-60 minutes and 4-6 sessions are needed to achieve desired results.

  • What happens during the acne treatment?

First, the aestheticism examines the skin and makes a chart of the exact course of treatment. A numbing gel is applied to the acne areas and the scars. Second, the IPL machine is customized according to the skin type and the condition and a handheld device is used to target the beam of light. Third, when the treatment is completed, you will be provided with topical creams or lotions, keep a tab on what you eat, drink lots of water and ensure that you wash your face regularly.

Thus IPL machine is versatile beauty equipment that can be a great asset to your salon and if you are looking to buy this versatile equipment then Universal Medical Aesthetics can help as they supply best in class IPL equipment.