/How to Treat First Degree Sunburn?

How to Treat First Degree Sunburn?


In the first degree of sunburn, you may experience redness, pain and swelling because of extreme exposure to the sun or even if you get the heating of fire. In this condition, only the top layer of skin gets affected, but the other issues don’t usually occur such as cracks on skin, damage to blood vessels and secondary layers of tissues don’t get damaged. In case the first degree sunburn occurs due to some accidental heating such as touching some hot pot, the skin may be affected with it and if cold water applied on affected spot right after the incident, this may reduce the effects.

A large number of people get burn injuries every year, but fortunately most of them experience 1st degree sunburn which is comparatively easier to be treated. There are a few basic rules to treat a burn i.e. cooling the skin burns, cleaning and proper dressing to reduce the pain.

First Aid Treatment

The first thing to do is to examine the spot which has been affected with burns. If you observe blisters or damages to the tissues, you are most probably suffering from the 2nd or 3rd degree of sunburn; if you observe redness or a few minor blisters, most probably you have suffered from the first degree burn which can be treated even at your home using first aid treatment.

Secondly, you should use cold water on the burned areas and then it should be cleaned with running water and a mild soap with no chemical added. If you don’t see any skin breakdown, it is better not to dress up these areas. If you find skin breakdown or blisters, dress the area with a soft fabric but make sure that it is dry and clean. If you feel sunburn itchy, don’t rub your skin as it will make your condition even worse.

These are simple solutions for minor burns, but it is better to visit a physician later for proper treatment and future prevention.