/How to Eliminate Patches of Dry Skin on Legs?

How to Eliminate Patches of Dry Skin on Legs?


Patches of dry on legs and other body areas are quite common during the winter and fall seasons. Though these patches can occur on any body part, they commonly appear on face, hands and legs.

Causes of Dry Patches

As far as causes of skin patches are concerned, there are various causes which include psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections and environmental factors. The most common of all are environmental factors because of cold weather, low humidity and the low amount of hydration.

Dry patch of on leg can also occur because of spending extra time in taking bath or a shower, therefore, you must try to limit the time you normally spend in such activities. Many people like to take hot showers but make sure to adjust the water temperature down. Hot baths and showers strip the natural oils from the body which causes dryness.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

I) Emollient Creams

If the skin is damp, you can apply a cream rich in emollient and the application can be repeated many times a day. Other alternative ways are vitamin E and various types of oils such as avocado, olive, grape seed and tea tree oil. In case of severe dry skin on legs, it is better to consult with a doctor rather than using home remedies.

II) Moisturizing Soaps

Different types of moisturizing soaps are available in the market, which are considered to be quite effective. Some people also use deodorant soaps on certain skin areas, but these types of soap can be extremely harsh. Therefore, the better idea is to make your own homemade soaps which are rich in necessary oils and natural vitamins.

III) Exploitation

Exfoliation is also highly recommended for dry patches for those whose skin areas are broken. This process greatly helps in removing dead cells from the skin which allows the lower skin layers get properly moisturized.

IV) Hydration

The hydration process will let you understand how to remove dry skin from legs. Keeping your body fully hydrated from within inside will greatly help you making your skin fresh in all seasons. The most important source of hydration is drinking water, but many people don’t understand the importance and benefits of it.

V) Vitamin Rich Diet

In continuation to your efforts to make your skin patch free, you should also include fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet. Don’t miss out the foods rich in Vitamin A, E, C, minerals & omega-3 fatty acids. You can also have vitamins & supplements.

Home Remedy for Dry Skin on Legs

You can prepare your own moisturizer at your home for which you simply need to mix tea tree 1 drop oil and 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil and rub on the affected areas. This is really a good remedy to get rid of dry skin patches, but you just need to do it regularly.