/How to Avoid Oily Sheen in Summer? Use Fuller’s Earth Mask

How to Avoid Oily Sheen in Summer? Use Fuller’s Earth Mask


Those who have regular skin type are very lucky as they don’t usually have to face skin related problems, however, the others who have dry or oily skin have to go through different issues which are increased in summer or winter seasons. People in various countries are still going through hot summer and walking or working under the scorching rays of sun that greatly affect the skin health.

Those, who have dry skin, may have to face the problems associated with winter season and those who have oily skin have to go through issues come with the summer and they can’t find the ways to get out of this. Whatever you use for the beauty of your skin and to save it from the sunrays such as the cream, nothing works as everything turns into oil and your skin looks even oilier.

Moreover, the T- Zone becomes more problematic as it gets even oilier during the hot weather. Now the combination of sweat and oil creates lots of mess on your facial area and you really feel embarrassment meeting other people. However, there is always a way to get out of any problem and you just have to look for it.

How to Decrease Oiliness on Your Skin?

There are various method to get rid of this oily mess and this is really important to clean it off, however, in most of the cases, the first idea that comes in mind is to use the clay mask for this purpose. You can get rid of the oily skin by using clay mask that gives cooling as well as soothing effects to the skin and soaks up the oil that appear on your skin. Here you have got two options for using the clay masks:

Option # 1: Branded Clay Mask

You can simply invest some of your hard-earned money on buying branded clay masks and this is neither a bad idea nor a loss because your skin is the most visible organ of your body and if you can’t spend some money on its beauty, there is no use of earning money.

Option #2: Homemade Clay Mask

If you can’t afford to pay for branded mask due to your low income and you just want to do something that does not cause you side effects and has the full natural properties, you can prepare the mask at your own home just in a few minutes. To prepare clay mask at your home, take a little amount of rose water, lemon and fullers earth. Now mix them all to prepare clay mask. Your mask is ready. If you have extra oily skin, you better try this 2-3 times a day to get much better results.

Final Words

Besides using clay mask, you better avoid fats in your foods such as the use of seeds or almonds and anything else that has excessive amount of fat must be avoided. You also need more amount of water than those who have normal skin type. You should wash your facial area 2-3 a day to clear out the excessive oil and dirt gathered on your skin but washing too often may not be suggested.