/How to Avoid 7 Most Common Exfoliation Mistakes

How to Avoid 7 Most Common Exfoliation Mistakes


Exfoliation is one of the most common methods of beautifying the skin and consists of lightly scrubbing off the topmost layer of the skin by means of a natural or chemical body scrub. This removes the dead layer on top of the skin and serves to open up the pores, thus ensuring hydration and good skin health. For best results, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin at least twice a week. Doing more would be counterproductive as the scrubs can be harsh and irritate the skin. The following 7 tips will serve to tell you the right way to exfoliate the skin without any adverse effects:

1 – Never Go for Dry Exfoliation

One of the first things you have to do is to make sure to wet or sponge your face or skin before you exfoliate it. This is necessary because dry exfoliation hardly ever works. While it may be okay for other moist or dry areas of your body, your face definitely needs to be moisturized before you proceed to exfoliate it. This can smoothen an otherwise difficult process, as it prevents skin burning and irritation from a natural or chemical scrub.

2 – Never Use Harsh Ingredients

Remember to always read the labels of any chemical scrub you may buy off the counter or in the supermarket. You must even make sure that natural scrubs will not be harsh on your skin. Dabbing some of the material on a less sensitive part of the skin like your elbows will not be so noticeable and will serve as a litmus test that it is okay to apply to more sensitive areas. Wait 24 hours before the actual exfoliation process to be sure of its efficacy.

3 – Never Exfoliate Too Much

Too much of a good thing has been known to have adverse effects, and the same goes for exfoliation. You must never over-exfoliate your skin as it leads to drying out of the skin. Frequent scrubbing whether with natural or chemical ingredients may also tend to make the skin prone to rashes or irritations.

4 – Never Avoid Moisturizing Afterward

Both before and after the exfoliation process it is always recommended to moisturize the skin. Those who avoid this process will suffer from its long term effects as it makes the skin dry and taut and is counterproductive. The best time to moisturize is right after you have finished your shower or beauty bath.

5 – Never Scrub only Your Face

Beauty is not only more than skin deep, but there are different products for different areas of your body as well. Concentrating only on the face area will serve to accentuate the difference between this and your head, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. Like every celebrity does, do try to make the beautifying process a top down approach. The efforts will be worth it.

6 – Never Over-Scrub

Exfoliation it must be admitted is a bit draining for the skin because scrubbing it too much can lead to irritations, scars or dryness and worse. It also depends on the type of skin you have and its reaction to the weather and the type of scrubs you are using.

7 – Never Resort to Overkill

As always, doing it too often can negate the very effects that you are expecting. Exfoliation, whether natural or chemical based, does affect the skin in many ways. You should be careful if you have extra oily, dry or combination skin. Just read the labels to make sure or take the advice of your local chemist at the drugstore.