/How to attain that beauty which lasts a lifetime

How to attain that beauty which lasts a lifetime


What makes beauty – the beauty that is richer than surface prettiness, the beauty that lasts a lifetime, the beauty that every woman can attain in her own individual way?

To an attractive woman all doors are open, and the world is at her feet. A woman who walks in beauty, walks in magic. And it is a magic within every woman’s grasp.

There is no such thing as an unattractive woman

There are apathetic women, unimaginative women, frightened women and lazy women. For them beauty is out of reach.

The beauty of a woman is not dependent on features or coloring. It is independent of age; it even increases with the years. For it is the beauty of well-being and self-expression.

Every woman knows that when she is looking her best she feels at her best. She radiates a happy confidence. She no longer feels shy. She no longer feels alone.

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Needs waking

But this is no beauty that can be put on like a coat of paint. Any woman who thinks that some cream or powder or lipstick is going to transform her overnight is doomed to disappointment.

Every woman has a certain heritage of good looks. But in how many is the beauty asleep and in need of waking up!

For beauty is not skin deep. It is as deep and lasting as your personality.

Body needs care

What are the first essentials of beauty treatment?

They have nothing to do with makeup. They are:

  • Care of the body.
  • A sensible diet.
  • Right approach to life.
  • The ability to make beauty a habit.

How should you look after your body? Think of the care lavished on machines to see that they run smoothly. And remember that your body needs equal care.

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You can’t have your beauty without health and well-being
So, wake up your looks every morning with an exercise like this, called “air conditioner.”

Correct breathing is essential to well-being. Stand erect before an open window, hips tucked under abdomen pulled in, back flat, spine straight, arms relaxed at sides.

Inhale deeply through the nose for eight counts, while raising arms to full stretch overhead. Hold for 10 counts.

Exhale through the mouth while lowering arms, bending, body for ward until entirely relaxed and fingertips almost touch the floor. Inhale and raise body and arms to full stretch. Repeat this FIVE times.

Don’t look bored.

Be practical in the choice of shoes. You can’t look pretty if your shoes hurt. A pinching shoe gives you pain; that pain will show in your face and bring, tense lines round your eyes.

Three rules

Now we come to the one-two-three of skin beauty. It’s these three elementary rules that matter, carried out night and morning. Never mind how obvious and simple they sound. It’s the routine and discipline that count.

  • First, CLEANSING to correct coarse pores, blackheads, drabness. Use cream rather than soap.
  • Second, TONING with a mild astringent to stimulate circulation and brighten a dull skin.
  • Third, NOURISHING, to keep the wrinkles at bay. Dryness is the enemy of beauty. Use a light, soothing cream. If your skin is extra dry, use a richer skin food.

Now you know the bedrock of beauty.