/How Lymphatic System Impacts Your Health?

How Lymphatic System Impacts Your Health?


If you are a grown adult and have been reading up on general health articles over the last 3 years or so, chances are that you have come into contact with one or more write-ups regarding lymphatic system. Since not a lot has really been written about this system and the role it plays in our overall health, I thought I’d give you a heads up about the subject.

Basically, the lymphatic system consists of a number of lymph nodes placed all over our body by Mother Nature, their main function being to transport and deliver lymph fluid that seeks out and drains waste items from our bodies. It is nature’s cleanser working in our bodies even as life is carrying on.

As for its efficacy, you can well imagine what would happen if this unseen yet important work is not carried out. Our bodies would be similar to a house where dirt and stuff is thrown all over the rooms. What’s more, it could even slow down our body’s efficiency by causing disease or discomfort. But the lymphatic system is also responsible for carrying oxygen supplies to the cells of our bodies in the very areas that it is removing unwanted matter. So it really carries out two functions at once: oxygenating and detoxifying the body at the same time.

The lymphatic system begins to gets sluggish with age, due to decreased muscle mass and weakening of muscles as we get older. At the same time, the efficiency of our breathing system also deteriorates, as lung capacity can reduce over time. The way to counter this is to have a healthy diet, stop smoking and maintain muscle mass through exercise and weight training.

The effects of a slowing lymphatic system also cause puffiness under the eyes and accentuate the tiny vessels under our skin, causing signs of aging. A weakened lymphatic system also has a hard lime flushing out toxins from our bodies. Here’s how we can help it out:

  1. Prop up your head with another pillow as you sleep. This helps preventing lymph fluid from pooling in the face area.
  2. Applying face creams and massages to the face area prior to retiring for the night can help in lymphatic function. It is important to maintain the proper direction- upwards or downwards- and noting the effects, increased or decreased puffiness will point towards doing it right.
  3. Taking a daily antihistamine helps especially if you’re prone to allergies.
  4. Using caffeine at breakfast may also help as it can drain out fluid under the eyes.
  5. Choose an eye product with cotton ball roller applicators, as these can aid in lymphatic drainage.
  6. If all else fails, do invest in an anti-aging serum with sonic movements like the Clairisonic System that boosts lymph flow and oxygen absorption.

Now you have learned about the lymphatic system and how it works on and inside our bodies, you are well informed about what to do if this is the reason your skin health is being affected.

The lymphatic nervous system may be one of the lesser known and documented systems that work in our bodies. But it can have important and long lasting effects on our health.